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Trampoline Accessories

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Trampoline Accessories

Family fun is right at your fingertips when you add activities you can all enjoy together to your back yard. And everyone loves trampolines. Accessible to people of all ages and skill levels, they provide a way for kids to get their energy out and adults to tap into the wonder of their childhood. You’ll all love the new opportunities you find on this fun piece of equipment — and it can get even better.

If you buy a trampoline from Superior Play Systems®, you can have hours and even years of fun with the trampoline itself. However, accessories give your play equipment a whole new lease on life and allow you to really customize your experience. Superior Play Systems® carries a wide range of accessories that allow your trampoline to become the true star of your back yard. A few terrific accessories for your purchase include:

  • Tents. Tents allow you to turn your trampoline into a fort, a cozy space for reading or even a theater! With kids safe off the wet ground and with no poles needed, this can be one of the easiest ways to host an outdoor sleepover or to go camping outside during the day or night.
  • PowerBounce Kits.These kits allow you to adjust your bounce, adding to the challenge and allowing your trampoline to grow with you or your fitness level.
  • Basketball Kits. Trampolines and basketball are a natural match, since the extra jump of the trampoline lets kids and adults slam-dunk and even practice trick shots like the pros. The basketball goals attach to the netting enclosure and allow adults and kids to play safely.
  • Balls. Playing ball takes on a whole new dimension when players are bouncing at the same time. It creates an action-packed adrenaline-boosting adventure. Players can try traditional games such as volleyball or even create their own rules.
  • Game Kits. Game kits contain instructions for safe games kids can play on the trampoline, ensuring many hours of various types of play. In addition, kits may come with chalk for marking on the trampoline, balls and other accessories to make games possible. If you want to add social play and some competition to your trampoline time, game kits are a wonderful solution.
  • Ladders. Ladders make your trampoline more accessible by allowing kids and adults alike to climb up to higher trampolines easily.
  • Shifting wheels. These wheels make it easy to move your trampoline around so you can get under the shade of a tree or move to the perfect spot in a yard.
  • Trampoline skirts. When pets and young children crawl under a trampoline while it is in use, injuries can happen. In addition to supervision, a skirt can help since trampoline skirts limit access under the trampoline. Some users also prefer the look of a trampoline with a covering.
  • Misters. Keep kids cooler on even the hottest of days with a mister which covers bouncers with water. Misters distribute water evenly and can lower temperature by as much as 25 degrees.
  • Canopies. During hours of fun, canopies keep the sun off kids and adults on the trampoline. When the trampoline is not in use, the canopy prevents debris from getting inside, saving you hours of cleanup. Superior Play Systems® also has weather covers if you’d like to protect your investment from weather damage.
  • Training bag. This bag attaches to the frame and lets kids and adults practice punches, jabs, kicks and other karate and martial arts moves. It’s a great way to add some arm and leg work to your workout.
  • Bounceboards. If you love snowboarding or skateboarding, you’ll love this board that allows you to practice trick jumps in the safety of your enclosed trampoline.

Try out some of these accessories for yourself with Superior Play Systems®!

Why Buy Trampoline Attachments From Us?

Purchasing our trampoline toys and accessories offers our customers many benefits. The most obvious one is getting the whole family outside to enjoy precious time together. We all live busy lives, and putting the daily rush aside for just a few minutes to spend time together, with all your devices put away, is something to treasure.

You can all enjoy the trampoline accessories and games we sell, which offer advantages such as:

  • Outstanding quality: We only sell products with high production values that use the best materials and will remain sturdy and durable throughout their long-term use.
  • Developing physical stamina: The longer you play on a trampoline, the more physical benefits you’ll gain, and games keep children interested and active for a longer time.
  • Improving balance: The toys we sell encourage kids to practice their stability, so their balance gets better without them even noticing.
  • Stimulating young minds: Trampoline attachments boost creativity and help kids try new things while still feeling safe around their parents.

Find Trampoline Accessories at Superior Play Systems®

Not sure what trampoline attachments you want to buy for your back yard? Come see the selection we sell at Superior Play System. Find our nearest store to look over the many options we have for backyard play. Whether you’re deciding between a mister, a ladder or a basketball hoop — or thinking about getting all three — seeing them for yourself can assist you with your decision. You can also view our entire selection and may discover something perfect for your home that you hadn’t even considered.

The staff at Superior Play Systems® is known for its exceptional customer service. We’ll focus on providing you with everything you may need, from information about the materials used in our trampoline toys to measurements to pricing. Our customers come back to our stores and buy from us online again and again because they value the standout attention to detail from our associates. Browse our trampoline accessories online and get in touch to buy them today.

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