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Basketball Hoops

About Our Best In Class Basketball Hoops Features

in-ground hoops

In-Ground Hoops

PROformance Hoops® manufactures the safest, most durable and stable in-ground basketball hoop available. Our corrosion-resistant heavy-gauge steel pole, matched with our oversized Pier-Mount Anchor System is the foundation for every in-ground hoop that we deliver. Our proprietary, dual cylinder Power Arc 90® Lift Assist eases raising the backboard from 6ft to 10ft, and a Bolt-to-Steel Dual Hinged Safety Break Away Rim will protect you and your family from aggressive play.

Wall Mount Hoops

PROformance Hoops® understands that sometimes space doesn’t allow for an in-ground basketball hoop. That’s why our line of adjustable wall mount basketball hoops is a convenient cost-effective choice when space is an issue or you have an indoor facility. The built-in adjustment mechanism can be operated from ground level using the removable crank handle provided. Adjustments from 6ft to 10ft can be made without the use of a ladder or clumsy crank attachments.

basketball hoop accessories


PROformance Hoops®, the best-engineered goals on the market, require the best basketball accessories. Replacement rims, nets, pole pads and backboard pads are just a few of the add-ons and accessories available from the performance experts at PROformance Hoops®. Magnify your PROformance experience by adding a specialty licensed and colored safety net or training aid. Our line of performance-based accessories is what makes the PROformance difference.

Proformance Basketball Hoops? Affordable Best In Class Materials and Engineering

The basketball systems that we engineer are designed with our customers in mind. Safety, durability and playability are some of our three greatest concerns, so we’ve developed the best engineering and materials to build basketball systems that exceed those expectations. Every nut, bolt and fastener used in the construction of a PROformance Hoops® goal is Stainless Steel. All of our steel goes through a multi-step corrosion free coating process. Safety Tempered Glass and a Bolt-to-Steel engineered backboard protect against aggressive play. The dual cylinder Power Arc 90®” Lift Assist was designed for an easier and safer way to raise the backboard from 6ft to 10ft. The Pier Mount Anchor System was added for a safer installation with less shake and vibration. We even went as far as engineering an NCAA and NBA regulation overhang.

Key Basketball Hoop Features and Construction

Safety Tempered Glass Backboard

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

Corrosion Protected One Piece Steel Pole

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

Premium Gusset Supported Base Plate

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

Premium Pier-Mount Anchor System

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

Stainless Steel Hardware

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

Bolt-to-Steel Rim Attachment

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

Dual Spring Safety Breakaway Rim

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

Power Arc 90® Lift assist

proformance hoops tempered glass backboards

PROformance Hoops® Offers a Lifetime Warranty

proformance hoops lifetime warranty

Years of playability are just as important to us as it is to you. There are no secrets behind the quality and craftsmanship of any PROformance Hoop. To prove it, we provide a Lifetime Warranty for your peace-of-mind.

Residential Hoops and Hoop Installation

At Superior Play Systems®, we believe healthy and active play is crucial to a child’s physical, emotional and intellectual development. We’re the most trusted name in play because we sell innovative products that are fun to use and that are constructed and installed to the highest safety standards. Purchase a residential basketball hoop from us and you’ll get outdoor fun the whole family can enjoy.

Superior Play Systems® is proud to offer a wide selection of in-ground and wall-mounted basketball hoops designed to withstand aggressive play but meant for residential installation. When you choose a basketball hoop from Superior Play, you’ll get a safe and durable system that can last for generations with the proper care.

PROformance designs and constructs its basketball hoops to the highest quality standards. Corrosion-resistant steel, strong anchor systems, safety rims and features that make adjusting your hoop easier all come standard with your basketball hoop. Explore our options and choose the hoop that’s right for your home.

Our PROformance Hoops® Options

Whether you want an in-ground basketball hoop or a wall-mounted adjustable basketball goal, Superior Play and PROformance are here to help. We carry a wide array of in-ground and adjustable wall-mounted hoops in several sizes and configurations.

Need to replace a bent rim, protect players from injury or just keep your balls in your yard? No problem! Superior Play also carries PROformance basketball accessories such as replacement rims, backboard pads, nets and more. Attentive maintenance and upkeep will keep your basketball hoop ready for years of play.

PROformance Basketball Hoops at Superior Play

Whether you want a casual place for young kids to play Horse or you need a regulation-size court built at your home, Superior Play can help. Install it yourself or request full service from our experienced technicians. Either way, your new PROformance basketball hoop will deliver incredible performance and durability for years of safe play!

Our PROformance Hoops® basketball goals are available in the following configurations:

  • Wall-Mounted: Wall mounts are ideal for indoor spaces and areas where play space is limited. They can easily be dismounted and moved when you do.
  • In-Ground: Our in-ground hoops offer ultimate stability and let you set up an entire outdoor basketball court for fun or serious play. Made with durable materials, our goals will last for years, even with heavy use.

We even have basketball accessories emblazoned with fun designs to make your goals better. Need replacement nets or nets with your favorite team logos? We have them. We also have pole pads to protect your players and other accessories to help you play at your very best.

We make it easy to adjust your goals and to stay safe each time you pick up the ball. Our in-ground hoops have the Power Arc 90® Lift Assist, and our wall-mount goals have an easy-to-use adjustment mechanism so you can always adjust the hoop from the ground. Our Safety Break Away Rim is designed to protect you as you play and to allow you to keep playing after a shot. Corrosion-resistant poles and hinges mean your goals last as long as you do.

Adjustable Wall-Mount Basketball Hoops

Wall-mounted basketball goals are the perfect choice when space is at a premium but you still need a safe place to play. With an adjustable basketball goal, you can get all the same benefits of an in-ground hoop but without having to take over valuable space on your property. Get kids in the game with our adjustable basketball goals!

Our basketball goals are perfect for:

  • Soon-to-be athletes
  • Kids who want to play basketball casually
  • Student-athletes
  • Drills
  • Students trying out for school teams
  • Aggressive play
  • Competitive games and one-on-one competitions

No matter how you like to play basketball, our adjustable basketball hoops put you in control of the game. PROformance Hoops® are among the best in the industry. They have NBA- and NCAA-style backboards and quality details so they can withstand aggressive play. These adjustable goals have a highly durable tempered safety glass backboard that can last for years and lets you see exactly where the ball goes. The adjustable feature allows you to set up your hoop precisely for your play.

PROformance In-Ground Basketball Hoops

So your children love the NBA and want to try their basketball skills outside. Do you know how to get them the best in-ground basketball hoops and goals for exercise and safety? At Superior Play Systems®, we offer the PROformance Hoops® In-ground Basketball Systems, designed for absolute durability and safety.

There are many reasons to buy from us:

  • We sell the highest quality. We test all our in-ground basketball systems ourselves, painstakingly going over every detail to ensure performance and safety. Basketball hoops handle a lot of abuse — the force of the ball hitting the backboard and the rim is stronger than you might think — so they need to be exceedingly durable.
  • Our hoops handle all weather conditions. Hoops also need to be able to withstand all types of weather outside. Our in-ground basketball systems are designed to handle all of that — and more — without buckling, teetering or impacting the quality of play.
  • We handle delivery and in-ground basketball hoops installation. When it comes to your in-ground basketball system, your goals may include safety and performance. But how will you get that if you have a hard time installing the equipment? Our professionals can deliver the equipment to your home or playground and install it correctly so it’s as safe as possible.
  • We offer durable in-ground basketball systems. Superior Play Systems® has handled thousands of installations at private residences. We install basketball hoops that see dozens of games at day — and stand up to them with absolutely no problem. We can help you find a system that can handle a future All-Star, and we can set it up so it has the best chance of making it through multiple years of play.
  • We offer exceptional customer service. Do you have questions? Do you need help selecting the right system for you? No question is too big or too small for us. You can always contact us to get the support you need. From our website, you can use the chat feature to start talking to one of our team members in seconds.
  • We stand by what we sell. We don’t just offer a blanket warranty and litter it with fine print and exceptions. We stand by our product. Every day and every year for more than 25 years, our team has worked hard to ensure all our customers are not just happy, but are thrilled with the products we offer. If you have a concern, we will handle it.

If you’re looking for an outdoor basketball hoop company selling portable or installed basketball hoops, check out the selection at Superior Play Systems®.

Should I Install My Own Basketball Hoop?

If you’re looking for a “basketball hoop installation near me” or wondering if you should tackle the installation process yourself, Superior Play can help. Poor installation can damage your property and cause harm, which is why we recommend our installation service on every wall-mount and in-ground basketball hoop we sell.

If you’re considering purchasing and installing your own hoop, here’s what you need to know.

In-Ground Basketball Goal Installation

With proper in-ground basketball hoop installation, your family and friends can enjoy years of safe play whether they’re dunking on the rim or learning how to take foul shots.

Our tips for proper installation include:

  • Using the right equipment to dig the footing. The first thing you’ll need to do is dig the hole for the concrete footing. Although a shovel can work, the depth and width required mean you can get the job done faster with a post hole digger, an auger or a small tractor with a backhoe attachment.
  • Mixing the concrete properly. A uniform mixture of concrete is necessary for a stable ground anchor. Limiting mixing to one bag at a time avoids problems and helps ensure a uniform mix.
  • Making use of your level. Don’t go through the trouble of building the footing only to find that it’s not level or properly aligned to the playing surface. Once the footing is poured, you’ll want to make sure the mounting plate is level. You’ll also need to ensure it’s square to your driveway or another hard surface.
  • Letting the concrete set for several days. Concrete may appear to harden quickly, but it takes several days for it to set firmly. Depending on the depth and width of your footing, this can take four or five days. Do not install your hoop into the footing until the concrete is set, or you risk damaging the integrity of the concrete. You could also find that your hoop lists to one side. These conditions are extremely unsafe for players, so stay patient.
  • Asking for help. Now that your footing is poured and ready for hoop installation, ask two or three friends for help. That’s because the post and backboard are heavy and bulky. You’ll also need at least two people to hold the post and backboard upright and in place while you ensure the post is level and square. Although one or two people can build a basketball hoop footing, installing the post, hoop and backboard requires multiple people. And while sawhorses offer limited help, there’s no substitute for strong hands holding every part in place while you perform essential safety checks prior to tightening and leveling.

If you’re unsure about how to install an in-ground basketball hoop or lack the resources to do it yourself, call Superior Play Systems®. We can take care of your installation needs and ensure your new in-ground hoop is perfectly installed and safe to play on. Don’t leave player safety to chance if you’ve never tackled installation before. Call us instead.

Wall-Mounted Residential Basketball Hoop Installation

Wall-mounted basketball goals don’t require a concrete footing, but there are still several things to consider when deciding where and how to install your hoop.

Best practices for installing your own wall-mounted adjustable hoop include:

  • Choose the right location. For the safest play, you’ll want to find a wide, flat area with smooth pavement. You’ll also need a strong, secure wall for the hoop and adequate clearance for the net. Avoid any spot where the net could get caught in a garage door. You’ll also want to ensure that the wall you’re attaching the hoop to is flat, with no rotting or cracking.
  • Consider regulation sizing. You don’t need to create a regulation court, but measurements such as height to the rim and backboard dimensions make playing conditions more realistic.
  • Ask for help. Just like with in-ground installation, you’ll need help with your wall-mounted installation. The backboard is heavy and you’ll want one or two strong friends to hold it in place as you measure, level and secure the board.

You can test your installation by bouncing a ball off the backboard. If it returns to you, then you installed it correctly. If it bounces off at a strange angle, you’ll need to re-install.

Basketball Hoop Installation Cost

Superior Play is ready to help you with your wall-mount basketball hoop installation. Installing it yourself can save money in the short term, but hiring a basketball hoop installation company helps ensure player safety and product longevity.

You’ve already made the investment in a top-quality PROformance basketball hoop. Why leave the installation to someone else when the cost to install a basketball hoop preserves its quality and value for years of safe play?

Why Choose Superior Play Systems® for Your Basketball Hoop?

Superior Play Systems® is your source for PROformance basketball hoops. These in-ground and wall-mount basketball hoops offer many benefits, including:

  • Specialized manufacturing. PROformance focuses only on basketball goals and has more than two decades of experience in this one sector. This allows them to excel in creating professional-grade hoops that can take your game to the next level.
  • Dual Spring Break-Away Rim. Two powder coated stainless steel high-tension springs offer an extra layer of safety when you play. When you make a slam dunk or put any other pressure on the rim, the rim rebounds into position, keeping players safer. The rim is protected with a cover and is corrosion-resistant to ensure it can handle all the wins you throw at it.
  • Quality materials. PROformance goals are made from strong steel and have a multi-step anticorrosive coating to protect your investment. The hardware is made from stainless steel that can stand up to any weather. The hardware features a self-repair Chromium Oxide film, ensuring your basketball system stays stable and reliable. Our hardware materials are long-lasting, recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • Tempered glass backboards. Tempered Safety Glass is much stronger than traditional glass because it goes through high heating and fast cooling, making it harder to shatter. PROformance basketball goals are made with this glass, which is surrounded by a Full Perimeter Aluminum Trim for added security. Our safety glass backboards are the same kind used in the NBA and NCAA because of the safety standard and the reliable rebound these backboards provide over the entire surface. Since they are made of glass, they also keep you in the game by allowing you to see exactly where the ball is heading.
  • Reliable gusset support base plates. Each of our hoops has thick steel plates at the base to ensure your basketball hoop pole can stand up to any play. There are slotted holes on the plate to allow you to install the basketball goal on any terrain. This minimizes vibration and shakes so you can focus on the game. A powder coat and zinc-plated finish ensure your basketball pole lasts for years, no matter how many games you play.
  • Adjustability. Your basketball goal is more customizable with the Power Arc 90® Lift Assist. This dual cylinder system allows you to easily adjust your rim from 10 feet to six feet and back, all without having to climb up on a ladder. In the industry, this is the easiest-to-use and most accurate adjustment system, designed with ball bearings, a gearbox and a tension screw system to ensure high-caliber performance. Low resistance and a 90-degree removable crank handle mean you can make needed changes without fuss or much effort.
  • Small details that make all the difference. The UV coating on the nets helps keep them looking better longer. Special padding on the posts helps avoid run-ins. Our steel poles are also up to 200% thicker than many other basketball goals on the market. If you look closely, you will see our poles are seven-gauge or 11-gauge steel with welded gussets or slotted holes, improving performance. Our nets are Hide-Away Nets, meaning there are no hooks or protrusions where the net hangs from the rim. You can replace the net quickly while also reducing the risk of injury during play. These and other small details ensure you experience the best basketball game and drills with more safety and superior performance.

How to Choose the Right Basketball Hoop for You

The right basketball hoop for you will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • How much space you have. If you have limited space outdoors or if your home is located on terrain where an outdoor basketball goal is not realistic, an indoor basketball hoop may be right for you. If you have space and wish to have a permanent setup that allows you plenty of room to move, outdoor hoops may be the right choice.
  • Your climate. Depending on where you live, your basketball hoop may be exposed to rain, sun, snow and other conditions. Consider how much time you can spend playing outside and whether an indoor hoop might make more sense. If you decide on an outdoor hoop, be sure it is durable enough to withstand all conditions. PROformance hoops are specially created to last and last, even in the face of harsh elements.
  • How you will use your hoop. Will your hoop be used by athletes or people who are interested in aggressive play? Do you need a hoop to grow with you? Even if you are not a professional, consider a professional grade basketball goal for your own safety. These types of basketball hoops are tough enough to take any sort of game and still keep you safer by reducing the risk of breaks and shattering.

Contact Superior Play Systems® for Basketball Hoops

Superior Play Systems® knows basketball, and we’re committed to helping ballplayers play their best game. Our PROformance Hoops® goals and accessories are developed with the exacting standards demanded by schools and some pro organizations, so you know you’re getting the safe, quality accessories and goals you need to play the game.

Whether you’re part of a team or practicing solo, our goals allow you to get better by playing more at home. If you have enough room for a full pro court or have just a section of driveway, choose PROformance Hoops®. Contact us for more information.

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