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Why Buy a Round Trampoline?

If you’ve been looking at round trampolines for sale, you’ve probably noticed that there are several shapes you can choose from, including square, oval, rectangular and round. Round trampolines are among the most popular choices, and before you buy, you might want to consider whether this option is right for you.

Who Should Buy a Round Trampoline?

Round trampolines may be the right selection for:

  • Someone with the space available for one. Round trampolines take up more room because you need to fit in the circumference of the whole trampoline in your yard. Always measure and ensure you have enough space for the trampoline and its enclosure.
  • Families with smaller children. If you have smaller children, round trampolines do not allow for the high bounces possible with rectangular trampolines, which can offer some peace of mind. In addition, round trampolines tend to have lower weight limits, making them right for smaller and younger families. Finally, fun accessories, such as trampoline tents, tend to be created for this shape, and these accessories are sure to delight most younger children.
  • Buyers on a budget. Round trampolines cost less than rectangular ones, in general. Fewer additional supports are needed on this style as well.
  • Those seeking a recreational trampoline. If you mainly want fun and some fitness but are not a serious athlete or gymnast, it may not make sense to pay more for a gym-quality rectangular trampoline. A high-quality round trampoline may be a better fit for your needs. It can offer years of fun, lots of options and can allow multiple kids to jump at once.

Buy the Right Trampoline

If you’ve decided a round trampoline is right for you, you still need to make sure the quality is high so your investment lasts and so all rebounders stay safe. Start by looking at the materials. Look for reinforced or double-stitched fabric and weatherproofing. Also, make sure the frame and all hardware is made from sturdy steel or materials that will last without buckling, cracking or losing integrity. If you’d like to review your options, the professional and friendly team at Superior Play Systems® can help.

If possible, test before you buy. Every round trampoline has a slightly different bounce. Our locations allow you to see trampolines set up, and your kids can have fun playing on them. You can see which ones your children prefer and which ones offer the right bounce. Seeing the trampolines up close also lets you compare quality details, such as the fabric and springs.

Superior Play Systems® offers installation and support as well as easy online ordering. We can help you find some of the most trusted brands in the industry, so you will get a brand name known for their warranties, quality and safety. When performance and safety matter, browse our trampolines online or drop by a showroom to see some models for yourself. Our team is willing to help so you can focus on having fun.

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