Wooden Playsets & Swing Sets

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Wooden Playsets & Swing Sets

Our Playground One® wooden playsets are built with chemical-free Pacific Cedar which resists warping and cracking so it will last for many years to come! Cedar wood requires little maintenance since it is naturally resistant to pest infestations, fungi, rot and decay. With a commitment to safety, our playsets are made with unique built-in safety features.

Wooden Playsets With Outdoor Durability

Safe, long-lasting wooden construction and high-quality materials are how we build our playsets! This results in many years of enjoyment and enhanced stability for the life of your playset.

Playsets Built for Safety

Since we maintain control over our production process, we ensure each playset sold from Superior Play System meets or exceeds safety standards.

Here are the unique safety features our playsets are built with:

Interlocking Swing Set Multi-Beam Joints & Galvanized Hardware

All joints hold their structural integrity as a result of our interlocked solid multi-beam joints. Our oxidized hot-dipped galvanized hardware and heavy-duty steel brackets help ensure stability and add corrosion and rust resistance.

Nonslip Handle Gotcha Grips

Each handle, handrail, trapeze bar & ladder rung goes through our anti-slip “Gotcha” process. Hot-dipped galvanized steel rods are stamped with dimples to improve gripping, have recessed hardware, and are nonslip coated!

Snag Free Safety Playset Hardware

Hot-dipped galvanized bolt fasteners and recessed nuts & bolts eliminate protruding attachments. Hands and exposed skin won’t get scratched and clothing won’t get caught.

Pinch Free Safety Swings

Our self-locking industrial connectors prevent pinch points and are fastened with rubber-dipped oversized chains.

Why Outdoor Wooden Playsets?

Longevity: Swing sets made from wood last longer than other materials.
Eco-Friendly: Wood is a sustainable resource. The responsibly harvested wood is a more environmentally friendly option.
Appearance: Our playsets blend in nicely with outdoor environments, such as trees and grass, and the natural shades and grain add a natural beauty to your backyard.
Natural insulator: Wood stays cooler in the summer and feels more comfortable to play on.
Durable & weather resistant: Wood will support a child’s weight easily. Wood also lasts a long time with proper care and holds up better than other materials in the outdoors. It’s also more naturally resistant to weather than other materials.
Maintenance is simple:  While little maintenance is required with wood, if you want to extend the lifespan it’s good to perform checks and wash with soapy water if needed.
Customization: You can choose different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles of swings. Since wooden playsets are so flexible, you can build them in stages. You can install a swing set first and gradually add more components. Our swing sets are flexible enough that they will work with almost any play system.

Playsets for Various Yard Sizes

Whether you need a space-saving playset or a large playset for different backyard sizes, we have you covered.

Why Choose Our Wooden Playsets?

With more than 30 years of experience in the outdoor play industry, our goal has been to provide terrific wooden swing sets that kids adore.

With input from expert engineers, designers, and testers, Playground One® wooden playsets are made with the highest-quality materials and are built with the sturdiest construction. This enhances overall longevity, safety, and durability.

If you’re ready for beautiful, classic wooden playsets with modern attention to safety standards, visit a Superior Play Systems® indoor play location to see these sets in person or browse our play solutions. Superior Play Systems® is your No. 1 source for wooden playsets and swing sets. Contact us today and let Superior Play Systems® be your partner in fun, creative and safe playtime.

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