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Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1 BYB w/Yellow Slide
Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1 Green w/Yellow Slide
Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1 Green w/Yellow Slide
Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1 Green w/Green Slide
Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1 Dimensions
Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1
Deluxe Fort Hangout Swing Set
Deluxe Fort Hangout Swing Set
Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1 BYB w/Yellow Slide

The Playground One® Original Spacesaver 1 is designed for smaller yards and limited space. With rockwall and step/rung ladders, 360° tire swing, and a 10ft wave slide, this system offers all the climbing of our full size systems with a limited foot print. With all natural premium cedar, this system offers all the features you need and want in a spacesaver design.

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Original Playcenter Spacesaver 1 Swing Set

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Space Saver Wooden Playset

Residential playgrounds encourage kids to get outside and get active while having fun. Unfortunately, traveling to the park or community playground every day isn’t possible for most families. In these cases, a home playground offers a welcome alternative. If you have outdoor space around your home, you can bring the fun of the playground to you. Many home playsets feature compact designs to accommodate small yards and modest budgets. These innovative playsets make the most of the space you have available. If you’re looking for a small wooden playset for your family, the Original Playcenter Spacesaver by Playground One® could be the perfect fit. Learn more about this compact swing set from Superior Play Systems® below.

Opportunities for Active and Creative Play

Play activities make up an essential part of a child’s development. It helps kids develop motor skills, practice socializing and stretch their imaginations. As a result, it’s important to choose a playset that gives your kids many different ways to learn and grow. With many kinds of equipment incorporated into a single tower, the spacesaver playset provides plenty of opportunities for active and creative play. With this playset in your yard, kids can explore fun and enriching activities like:
  • – Swinging on a trapeze bar
  • – Sliding down a 10-foot wave slide
  • – Spinning on a 360° tire swing
  • – Climbing on a rope ladder
  • – Scaling a rock wall with a climbing rope
  • – Steering a pretend ship’s wheel
  By combining multiple equipment types, this wooden space saver playset helps ensure no one gets left out during playtime. Whether a child is adventurous or cautious, active or imaginative, they’ll find something to enjoy.

Safety Features That Keep Playtime Fun for Everyone

When choosing a playset, you want to find equipment that’s safe as well as fun to play on. At Superior Play Systems®, we take safety as seriously as you do, which is why we carry Playground One® play systems. These wooden playsets are designed to facilitate years of safe, outdoor play. The Playcenter Spacesaver playset keeps playtime fun for kids and adults with the following safety features:
  • Solid cedar construction: Like all Playground One® play equipment, this playset is made using 100% All Natural Premium Pacific Cedar, which splinters less than pine and North American timber. With four-inch by six-inch timbers, the structure can safely hold more moms, dads and caregivers.
  • Safety handles: For safer climbing, this space saver wooden playset features several easy-to-grip safety handles beside the ladders and slide.
  • Vinyl-dipped swing chains: Vinyl-dipped safety swing chains on the tire swing and trapeze bar protect fingers from pinching and insulate against extreme temperatures.
  • Rust-proofed hardware: To provide long-lasting stability and weather-resistance, this playset uses rust-proof hardware.
  • Sturdy railing and canopy roof: A tall, sturdy railing on the top deck helps prevent falls, and a durable canopy gives kids a place to rest on hot days without getting sunburned.
  In addition to these safety features, you can also opt for professional installation from Superior Play Systems®. Our experts work carefully to ensure your playset is properly assembled and safe for play.

Get Your Perfect Playset From Superior Play Systems®

At Superior Play Systems®, we’re dedicated to helping families bring the fun of the playground closer to home. Whether you have a small yard or lots of space to work with, we can help you choose a wooden playset that meets your needs. As your exclusive Playground One® retailer, we can help you customize and design a space saver playset that’s perfect for your family. If you’re ready to get this space saver swing set, order online or visit one of our showrooms today.



Blue Yellow Blue, Solid Green w/Green Slide, Solid Green w/Yellow Slide

Deck Height

5 Feet

Deck Size

Up to 25 Sq Feet

Playset Features

Rockwall, Rope Ladder, Rotational Tire Swing

Product Size

Space Saving


10 Foot

Swingbeam Height

8 Feet

Unique Designs

Unlevel Yard Solution

Select Series



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