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Small Swing Sets for Small Yards - Spacesaver Models

Swing sets and other pieces of outdoor play equipment can encourage kids to get active and creative during playtime, and investing in a swing set can bring the excitement of the playground to your own backyard.

At Superior Play Systems®, we believe every child deserves to experience the fun of playing on a swing set. We also believe parents deserve this opportunity as well. However, we understand that some yards are too small for the majority of play sets, which can be bulky and sprawling. To help families in these situations, we offer a variety of Playground One® swing sets designed specifically for small yards.

Our Spacesaver backyard playgrounds are perfect for smaller yards. Not only are they just as much fun as a big set, but they also come with a lot of the same options as the larger swing sets.

Read on to learn more about our small swing set options and discover tips for designing your own miniature playground!

A Variety of Small Swing Set Options for Your Family

Short on space but not on kids? Our Spacesaver swing sets provide all the safety, fun and quality you’ve come to expect from Playground One®, including 100 percent chemical-free Cedar. The difference between these and our other Playground One® swing sets is in size. Spacesaver swing sets feature a compact footprint to allow kids all the same play opportunities in a smaller space — the perfect play set for your small backyard.

With many different types of play equipment, our compact backyard playgrounds are perfect for all children no matter their ages. Even the adults can have fun playing on them.

If swings are all you’re after, you’ll love that we offer a standalone Swing Gym with room for three different swing attachments. Otherwise, you can choose from our selection of small forts and playcenters. These structures include a variety of equipment types, including swings.

At Superior Play Systems®, we want to help you find the small swing set that’s right for your small yard. Our swing sets are fully customizable, meaning you and your family can decide which pieces of equipment you’d like to include. Working with a designer, you can prioritize certain play activities over others and create a swing set that makes the most of the limited space you have available.

When you’re designing your Playground One® Spacesaver swing set, you can find a way to include swings, a slide, monkey bars, a climbing wall, a rope ladder and more.

If you have a little monkey in the family then they will love the climbing wall feature and monkey bars. For kids who love slides the most, we have the closed tube slide or the open slide to choose from. Maybe your child doesn’t love either of those options and likes to swing more. That’s okay too because our playgrounds can come with a variety of different swings as well. No matter what it is your child likes, our playgrounds have lots of options to make them happy and keep them playing for hours.

Big Opportunities for Fun in Smaller Spaces

If you have a limited amount of space, you can still offer big fun with a compact swing set or play set. Consider these tips for more limited spaces:


  1. Think Vertical: If you don’t have a wide or long space, you can often enjoy more space by creating some height. For example, small swing sets can be part of a complete play system which includes a deck above the swings, a slide, climbers and an area under the slide and deck. The playground won’t sprawl, but it will still let multiple kids play and try out different activities.
  2. Know Exactly How Much Space You Do Have: When you’re planning your playground, take measurements to see how much area you have to work with. Consider whether you can create more space by reducing a deck area or walkways. Double-check measurements to ensure you understand how much space is available, and think about consulting an expert if you need help deciding which play set options are realistic.
  3. Consider Open-Ended and Creative Playground Equipment: Classic playground equipment such as slides or a compact wooden swing set can be used in lots of ways to fuel the imagination and provide hours of fun. A swing set for a small yard alone can offer a place for swinging, reading or sitting. Kids can pretend they are aiming for the stars or flying. This type of equipment may fuel interest for longer when compared to playground equipment that can only be used in a limited way.
  4. Work With Professionals Who Understand Small Yards: Superior Play Systems® offers a number of small swing sets for small yards and solutions for smaller spaces. When you decide to get your swing set from us, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a professional, with no obligation and no cost, to come up with an assessment to address your needs. Our designers can help you find a small swing set that your kids will love while taking your space constraints into consideration.

These tips can help you get started planning for your small yard’s new swing set. Once you know how much space you have and what kind of equipment you ideally want to fill it with, you can start browsing your options.

Get Your Small Swing Set From Superior Play Systems®

No matter how much or how little outdoor space you have available, Superior Play Systems® will work hard to help you find a swing set that meets your needs — after all, even a small swing set can provide your children with enriching outdoor play that encourages them to move their bodies and use their imaginations.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward the backyard playground of your dreams, we want to help. Our professional technicians can show you exactly how much playground equipment you can fit into your small space and offer some innovative solutions for limited areas. They can also help you find the right Playground One® swing sets for small yards.

Our team has worked with thousands of families, schools, businesses and communities for close to two decades. We have helped build stunning play areas in very limited spaces, so you can rely on us to help you make the most of the space you have without cutting corners.

Our friendly staff can answer your questions, help you design a custom compact swing set and even install it for you so that shopping for play equipment can be stress-free and fun for you and your kids.

Contact a Superior Play Systems® representative today at 1-800-875-7946 or through our Live Chat to start talking about your dream play area. You can also browse our selection of small Playground One® swing sets online or visit us in person to try out some options before you decide.

Sometimes, great things really do come in small sizes!

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