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Mega Playsets

Swing sets and other play equipment encourage kids to get outside, get active and get creative during playtime. Whether your kids are playing alone or together, a huge swing set can bring the excitement of the playground to your own backyard.

To keep kids engaged and allow more of them to play simultaneously, you might want a large outdoor swing set with multiple types of play equipment. With this type of play set, your kids can enjoy swings as well as slides, climbing walls, monkey bars and ample deck space for playing pretend and socializing.

Read on to learn more about the large swing sets you can find at Superior Play Systems®.

Huge Swing Sets With Something Fun for Everyone

Superior Play Systems® offers a wide selection of swing sets and play sets. Now, you can find even more options by combining two Playground One® model sets into one huge swing set. By adding a Crawl Tunnel, you can connect a Playcenter design to a Fort design. The results are big fun, with a playcenter for climbing, a fort to hide away in and enough swings to get everyone involved. That’s why we call these models the Playground One® Mega Play Sets.

Our Mega Play Sets are fully customizable, meaning you can select the equipment you want to include. With so many options, you can build a large swing set with something for every child to enjoy, whether they’re outgoing or a little more cautious. With one of these large swing sets, kids are encouraged to try new activities.

You can also customize the swings and accessories that come with your swing set. For example, you might choose to add a toddler swing, tire swing, glider or other swing design in place of a standard belt swing.

With plenty of space and lots to do, your kids and their friends will have endless opportunities for active and creative play.

Large Swing Sets Designed for Safe Play

You put your children’s safety first, and Playground One® does too. Like all Playground One® play sets, these huge outdoor swing sets feature solid cedar construction, which splinters less than other timbers. Thick beams allow the structure to hold more weight safely, so parents and caregivers can play too.

All the play equipment on your swing set will come optimized for safety. With vinyl-dipped swing chains to prevent pinching and handholds beside ladders and other climbing equipment to prevent falls, kids can explore the swing set and try challenging activities without risk.

The bottom line is that with a large Playground One® swing set and professional installation from Superior Play Systems®, you can feel confident that your kids will play outside safely.

Design Your Perfect Swing Set Today

When you’re choosing a large swing set, you want a design that can entertain your kids for years to come. At Superior Play Systems®, we’re passionate about providing families like yours with safe, quality play equipment that encourages kids of all ages to engage in active outdoor play.

When you visit a Superior Play Systems® showroom to see our Playground One® Mega Play Sets, our friendly staff can answer your questions and help you design a custom swing set that meets your family’s needs. Browse our selection of huge swing sets and other play equipment online, or visit us in person to test out our equipment options and discover what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Play®.

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