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Kids Basketball Hoops

For generations, kids and parents have loved basketball. Not only is it a great exercise that gets them outside and away from their devices, but it’s also an extremely rewarding and social experience.

PROformance Basketball Hoops Set the Standard for Quality

The PROview® series basketball hoop sets the standard for incredible playability and unbelievable durability for the most demanding athletes. Unrivaled in every aspect, no other hoop matches the Quality, Design, Engineering and Safety incorporated into every PROview®.

Explore Our Three Hoop Size Options

Our PROview® series of children’s basketball hoops come in various sizes and styles to match your family’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple hoop to kickstart your child’s latest athletic venture or you want to incorporate a new challenge to your home gym, the PROview® series has something for everyone. Browse our three hoop size options to discover which one is best suited to your space and needs.

PROview® 554

The PROview® 554 has an adjustable height of 6 to 10 feet, so it can adapt and grow right alongside your children. With a 54-inch by 36-inch backboard — the smallest in our collection — this hoop size is perfectly suited to younger children. If your kids are new to basketball, or you have limited available space for a hoop, the PROview® 554 is your ideal launching point.

PROview® 660

With 3 feet of overhang between the pole and the backboard, 6 to 10 feet of flexible height and a 60-inch by 38-inch backboard, the PROview® 660 is a perfect intermediary hoop option. This hoop will provide a challenge while offering a slightly easier option than the full-scale 72-inch alternative. Enjoy ultimate fun and durability thanks to the hoop’s sturdy steel poles and steel dual spring rim.

PROview® 672

The PROview® 672 is built for children who want to rise to the occasion and continue sharpening their skills. With 4 feet of overhang and an impressive 72-inch by 42-inch backboard, this hoop will help your kids meet their basketball goals. If you’ve got the available space to house this hoop, you’ll find the structure can inspire and challenge kids to improve their abilities while enjoying time spent outdoors.

Things to Consider When Buying a Kids Basketball Hoop

Expanding your backyard play area with one of our basketball hoops for kids will open the door to limitless fun and friendly competition. When determining the right hoop for your space, you’ll want to keep several factors in mind. Before deciding which PROview® kid’s basketball hoop is your best option, consider:

  • Space: If you’ll be setting up the hoop in a compact space, like a one-car driveway, consider our smaller model. If you’ve got room to spare and have a two- to three-car driveway, our larger pro-regulation hoops will fit perfectly in your space.
  • The age of your kids: Young kids might find the PROview® 554 an easier starting point. Older kids or those with previous basketball experience are more likely to enjoy playing with a larger backboard. Remember, each basketball hoop comes with an adjustable height so you don’t have to worry about outgrowing the hoop anytime soon!
  • Material: Basketball hoop backboards can come in a range of different materials, including tempered glass, acrylic and polycarbonate. Each of these has its own perks, but glass is widely considered the best option due to its superior rebound response. Our PROview® basketball hoops, like all competitive hoops, use regulation glass backboards.
  • Objective: Is your goal for your children to simply have fun outdoors, to learn a new sport or to become competitive basketball players? Determining your basketball goals for your kids will help you decide which hoop style is the best fit.

PROview® Kids’ Basketball Hoop Options at Superior Play

With PROview®, you’ll get:

  • A choice of backboard sizes, including 36″x54″, 38″x60″ and 42″x72″
  • A durable 7-gauge steel pole in sizes 5″x5″ and 6″x6″
  • Options to adjust the height up or down from 6′ to 10′ using the Power Arc 90® Lift Assist
  • A see-through backboard designed to mimic the NBA
  • Stainless steel hardware ensuring years of use
  • A steel dual spring rim that’s built to last
  • An exclusive lifetime warranty
  • The option to purchase pads, nets and other equipment that will protect your players and keep balls on the court

Superior Play Offers Full-Service Installation

If you’re not sure which hoop to choose, contact Superior Play Systems® or visit one of our showrooms. Our experts can guide you through your choices and help you design an incredible playground destined for years of fun play. Best of all, this service is completely free! Work with us and you’ll get the benefit of our 30 years of playground planning experience.

Not only has Superior Play selected the very best manufacturers in the industry, but we’ll also work quickly to ensure your purchase is installed quickly. Our installation team will deliver your basketball hoop, perform a visual inspection of the proposed site and install it quickly and correctly.

Should you experience a problem with your new hoop after installation or require upkeep, get in touch with us right away. We’re ready to help you maintain your new hoop even after installation. Just call our service hotline at 1-800-875-7946 to schedule an appointment and we’ll ensure your kid’s basketball hoop is ready for the next game.

Visit a Superior Play Showroom Today

Superior Play is The Most Trusted Name in Play® because we offer outstanding products, the industry’s best warranties, knowledgeable and fast customer service, and a huge selection. Stop by one of our showrooms and see for yourself! You’ll find safe, well-constructed brands, all made from high-quality materials and components.

In addition to basketball goals for kids, we also carry:

  • Commercial play systems
  • Wooden play systems for backyards
  • Trampolines
  • Safety accessories and replacement parts for all the products we carry
  • Shock absorbent surfacing for playgrounds and basketball courts

Try your next basketball hoop at one of our showrooms, where you’ll find a fun and interactive experience! If you’re located in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania, be sure to stop by. We’d love to show you how a new basketball hoop will make your playground more fun! Make your kid’s basketball goals a reality through our PROview® series today.

For more information about kids’ basketball hoops or to learn more about installation, contact us today.

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