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playground equipment history

Playground Equipment History

The history of playground equipment shows how society has changed and playground designs have improved over time. From 19th-century Massachusetts to today’s modern playgrounds, equipment has evolved with innovation and cultural change. Let’s trace back the origins and examine the evolution of playground equipment. Table of Contents The Birth of Modern Playgrounds (1800s-1890s) The Playground […]

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Basketball Hoop Heights by Age Guide

Basketball, a sport rich with history and excitement, standardized the height of its hoops at 10 feet. This height was chosen to challenge players and has remained unchanged to preserve the game integrity and uniformity across all levels of play, from schoolyards to professional leagues worldwide. Developing Young Athletes with Age-Appropriate Hoop Heights As young […]

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premade swing set

DIY vs Buying a Premade Swing Set: An In-Depth Look

Deciding between building your own swing set or buying one premade is a major decision for your backyard. Building your own swing set allows for more personalization and lower costs. On the other hand, buying a premade swing set saves time, follows established safety standards, and comes with warranties. Ultimately, the choice depends on your […]

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How to Safely Anchor Your Swing Set in 5 Steps

A swing set brings joy to any backyard. Ensuring it’s anchored properly is key to a stable and safe installation. Learn how to securely anchor your swing set like a professional. Tools Required Swing set anchors Shovel Rake Level Hammer Bar or Rod (for screw-ins) Step 1. Choose the Right Location Pick a flat, open […]

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How to Install a Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop

Setting up a wall-mounted basketball hoop is an effective way to maximize space and create a reliable, permanent area for playing. Whether you’re installing it for casual games or serious practice, ensuring the hoop is mounted correctly is crucial for safety and longevity. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps and considerations for […]

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How Superior Play Systems® Provides Endless Fun

Welcome to the world of limitless fun with Superior Play Systems®. We’re not just about play — we’re about creating unforgettable moments of joy and adventure for your little ones. Get ready to discover how our backyard playsets, trampolines, basketball hoops, and more offer a world of excitement right in your own backyard! Safe and […]

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two girls smiling on trampoline

How Trampolines Teach Muscle Control and Coordination

When you think of trampolines, you probably think of fun and bouncing high in the air. But did you know that trampolines also have many benefits for physical development? At Superior Play Systems®, we are dedicated to providing the safest trampolines for outdoor play. Our Springfree®, AlleyOOP®, and Jumpsport® trampolines are not only designed for […]

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kids playing on a seesaw

Playground Equipment Terms and Names Guide

Playgrounds are vibrant spaces where children engage in physical activity, spark their imaginations, and enjoy fun interactions. Playgrounds have a variety of equipment to meet children’s needs and interests. The equipment caters to different interests, this ensures that all children can enjoy playing on the playground. This guide discusses the names used for playground equipment, […]

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girls on swing

Quality Traits That Every Playset Should Have

At Superior Play Systems, we take great pride in our commitment to offering families the best playsets on the market. Our top priority is providing safe, durable, and fun playsets for your family to enjoy in the convenience of your own backyard. When it comes to choosing the perfect playset for your children, it’s important […]

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dad and daughter playing basketball

Why You Should Play With Durable InGround Hoops

At Superior Play Systems, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality basketball hoops that not only offer a fun playing experience but also prioritize safety and longevity. We know that investing in a durable in-ground hoop is a significant decision, and that’s why we offer a range of options that deliver unmatched performance and durability. Our […]

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