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PROview® Series Basketball Hoops

Stay in shape, challenge your skills and enjoy one of the world’s most popular sports from home with a PROview® in-ground basketball hoop system.

Each PROview basketball hoop offered by Superior Play Systems offers you the chance to enjoy the true home-court advantage. Stable, durable and priced right, PROview hoops promise years of convenient play. Browse our selection of PROview hoop models to meet every member of your family’s basketball goals.

PROview Basketball System Features

Developed and tested by engineers and athletes, PROview in-ground basketball hoops bring a world-class experience to your residential setting. It’s impossible to find a home-based basketball system more versatile or value-driven on the market.

What do our customers rave about when it comes to their PROview basketball hoops?

  • Shatter-resistant backboard: Fitted with tempered glass, your PROview backboard is designed to take hits without falling apart.
  • Breakaway rim: Dunk like your favorite players with the PROview dual-spring rim. Its reliable response allows it to safely snap back into position after impressive slams.
  • Tremendous height advantage: PROview basketball hoops enable you to switch up the hoop height from 6 feet to 10 feet. That means everyone in your home can take part in a little one-on-one — or practice shots solo.
  • Quality components and hardware: From stainless steel hardware to zinc-coated steel, each in-ground PROview basketball hoop is made to withstand years of use. In fact, you’ll get a lifetime warranty when you purchase a PROview model from Superior Play Systems.

PROview Hoop System Sizes

Which PROview basketball system is the right choice for you? Taking a quick glance at the size variations can help you decide:

  • PROview 554: Indulge in superior play boosted by a 54-inch by 36-inch PROview 554 backboard featuring a 3-foot overhang.
  • PROview 660: Have a larger area to install your basketball hoop? The PROview 660 offers a 60” by 38” backboard with a 3-foot overhang.
  • PROview 672: The biggest of the bunch, the Proview 672 boasts a regulation-size 72-inch by 42-inch backboard with a 4-foot overhang.

PROview Basketball Hoop System Advantages

Knowing you want an in-ground basketball hoop for your home is one thing. Finding the right one is another.

Below are some of the biggest benefits that come from buying a PROview basketball hoop:

  • Stability: Your basketball hoop will remain solid, sturdy and ready for action season after season, so you’ll get tons of value from your purchase.
  • Convenience: Getting outdoors is good for the body and mind. Make it a no-brainer to head out the door for some regular hoop action by installing a PROview basketball system right in your driveway, patio or other space.
  • Modern design: Why give up looks for performance? With PROview, you get an attractive product that’s tough enough to withstand intense play.

Check Out Our PROview Series Basketball Hoops

Superior Play Systems offers you the opportunity to shop for a PROview in-ground basketball hoop from the comfort of your home. You can also visit a showroom near you to try a PROview or other basketball hoop in person.

Wondering which in-ground basketball system is suitable for your family? Let our friendly customer service representatives help! Contact our team today.

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