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About You

About Us You

We’re Going to Turn Things Upside Down Here!

Instead of talking about us, we’d rather use this space to talk about YOU: the devoted parents and grandparents who purchase our top-quality playsets, trampolines, and basketball hoops and also visit our showrooms, where kids can have birthday parties or just play all day!

Chances are that you—like us (the guys who started our company back in 1992), remember playing outside with your friends until your friends Mom yelled, “Dinner’s ready!” or the dreaded street lights came on. Now you want the children in your life to have those same wholesome experiences, but it’s a different world today; you simply can’t give them freedom to roam neighborhoods, parks and beyond.

And if you are bothered by the inordinate amount of time today’s youth spends indoors and inactive, while glued to computers and handheld gadgets, we have that in common, too.

Catering to customers who share our values is why Superior Play Systems® exists. We’re so happy that it’s important to you to provide opportunities for kids to play in the safety and privacy of their own backyard. We hope you can swing on by, get to know our great products, and meet our friendly, fun and expert design specialists. After working with our design team, you will understand why we are The Most Trusted Name in Play®.

Why Superior Play Systems®

Plan Your Outdoor Recreational Area With an Expert
At no cost or obligation, a Superior Play Systems® professional will work with you to design the perfect residential outdoor or indoor (athletic Courts and Flooring) to meet your needs by conducting an assessment to determine the best product for your desires. Our professionally trained technicians will work with you to create the perfect buying experience, which we have provided thousands of families for over 30+ years.

Design With a Difference
Watch your play space, where spring to life. Your Superior Play Systems® professional will listen closely to your needs to help you design a customized play set that is uniquely yours, the safest trampolines in the industry or the most durable in-ground basketball hoop found in the market place

Better Products by Superior Play Systems®
Superior Play Systems® has selected the top manufacturers and suppliers in our family of brands. Each and every company that Superior Play Systems® has partnered with is one that excels in delivering the highest levels of product quality and customer service.

Receive Your Choice of Product When You Need It
Once you place your order, the Superior Play Systems® team works quickly to get your piece of equipment to you when you need it. From beginning to end, Superior Play Systems® work with you throughout the whole process.

Delivery and Installation with Ease
Our Superior Play Systems® professionally trained delivery and installation team provides industry white glove delivery and industry leading assembly in a quick and timely manner.

Service After the Sale
Great service means more than just meeting your needs until your investment is installed. It requires going the extra mile and being there to serve you long after installation. If you have any questions or require service on your purchase, call Superior Play Systems® directly on our toll-free hotline at 1-800-875-7946. Superior Play Systems® and our industry-leading warranties stand the test of time for generations to come.

Check Out What We Do

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Our goal as one of the premier playground equipment suppliers is simple: We want to provide the highest quality playground equipment to ensure years of active and creative play for your children. Our main goal is to make children happy while keeping them safe. Due to our innovative design services Superior Play Systems® is Where Quality Comes Into Play. ®

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