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Trapeze Bar

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Superior Play Systems Trapeze Bar

Bring the Circus to Your Backyard with Trapeze Bar Swings

We’ve crafted our trapeze bar swings to bring the thrill of acrobatics into your backyard. These swings not only elevate the fun but also contribute to your child’s physical development, building strength, coordination, and agility.

Why Choose Superior Play Systems Trapeze Bar Swings?

360° Trapeze Rings: Each swing bar has 360° trapeze rings designed to rotate in alignment with natural hand movements, enhancing grip control. This functionality allows for a more intuitive and safer swinging experience, as it accommodates the user’s motion, reducing strain and improving the overall ease of use.

Safety and Quality: Our trapeze swings are engineered with the highest standards of safety and durability. Each swing is designed to support your child’s weight securely, with a comfortable grip.

Developmental Benefits: These swings are more than just fun. They’re a tool for improving upper body strength and motor skills.

Superior Play Systems is dedicated to delivering top-quality playground equipment that meets the dynamic needs of growing children. Our trapeze swings are an invitation to adventure, encouraging your child to explore new movements and embrace play.

What Is a Swing Set Trapeze Bar?

A swing set trapeze bar is a playground feature that combines a traditional swing with those of a gymnastic trapeze. Consisting of a horizontal bar suspended by two chains. Sturdy enough to support swinging, hanging, and various gymnastic maneuvers.

The trapeze bar on a swing set includes ring-shaped handles attached to the sides, allowing children to perform swings, pull-ups, or other acrobatic tricks. 

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