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PROforce Series Basketball Hoops

Basketball has been a popular sport for generations and continues to attract more young and adult athletes yearly. You don’t have to leave home to find a court when you buy a PROforce basketball hoop from Superior Play Systems.

Each PROforce series model delivers top-notch play and incredible value. Designed with safety in mind, these permanently installed, adjustable residential basketball hoops remain a favorite among customers. Practice jump shots, dunks, and hook shots in the most convenient court possible — your home. Order a PROforce series basketball hoop today.

Features of PROforce Basketball Hoops

Why worry about the stability, functionality or versatility of your home basketball hoop? PROforce basketball hoops are carefully engineered, manufactured, and tested for high performance and durability.

Though each PROforce basketball hoop has its own unique characteristics, all come with a few standard features:

  • Tempered glass backboard: You want to shatter records, not your backboard. Tempered glass resists breaking even during intense play.
  • Heavy-duty breakaway rim: The dual-spring basketball hoop rim flexes rapidly after your most impressive dunks.
  • Height-adjustable hoop: Easily move your PROforce basketball hoop from 7.5 feet to 10 feet depending upon your players and preferences.
  • Quality parts and components: Made from durable materials — including a heavy-duty zinc-coated steel undercoat and stainless steel hardware — PROforce basketball hoops are so sturdy and trustworthy that they come with a lifetime warranty.

PROforce Basketball Hoop Sizes

Superior Play Systems provides you with three size choices of PROforce basketball systems for an unbeatable home-court advantage:

  • PROforce 554: As an excellent midsized hoop, the 54-inch by 36-inch PROforce 554 backboard with its 2.5-foot overhang is suitable for most residential situations.
  • PROforce 660: Ready to size up to a larger basketball hoop? Try a PROforce 660. Its 60-inch by 38-inch backboard gives you a big-time feel, while the 2.5-foot overhang keeps the play easy for all ages.
  • PROforce 672: Our most generously sized PROforce series, the PROforce 672 features a 72-inch by 42-inch regulation-size backboard with a 3-foot overhang.

Benefits of Choosing a PROforce Basketball Hoop

Picking the right basketball hoop for your family comes down to finding a value-driven option that you can trust to stand up to play season after season.

Some of the biggest advantages of choosing a PROforce as your preferred in-ground basketball hoop include:

  • Dependability: PROforce basketball hoops are created for the long haul. Sturdy and stable, they’re built to withstand typical outdoor elements while resisting corrosion and wear.
  • Ease of use: Give everyone in your household a reliable way to stay active and have fun. Who needs video games or screens when you have a professional-grade basketball hoop on your property?
  • Curb appeal: Each PROforce basketball hoop has a streamlined, modern design that looks great from the ground.

Get in the Game With an In-Ground PROforce Basketball Hoop

Like the idea of having a basketball hoop just steps from your front door? Shop for PROforce basketball hoop models at Superior Play Systems. Visit a showroom near you or shop online and have your hoop delivered to your door.

Questions? Our customer service team would be happy to help you pick out the PROforce to fit your goals and needs. Contact us today!

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