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Springfree® Trampolines

Springfree® Trampolines are 100% spring-free! Finally, an innovative way kids can experience the freedom to jump! The absence of springs means little toes are free to go where they want to go plus it provides a much quieter play environment! Our durable composite rods are safely located below the level of the mat and securely out of harm’s way. Our FlexiNet safety enclosure offers strength and cushioning.

Why Get Your Child a Spring-Free Trampoline?

Spring-free trampolines are some of the safest designs available, and when you choose a top-quality brand like Springfree Trampoline, you can be even more assured that your little one will be safe and active for years to come. A Springfree Trampoline achieves the following.

1. Keeps Kids Safe

If your child has been begging for a trampoline, safety is one of the first considerations that might come to mind. With a spring-free trampoline design, you can put your worries to rest. Experts praise Springfree Trampoline as one of the safest options on the market. Several safety features make these trampolines a hit with parents and kids alike:

  • Spring-free design: One of the top safety concerns of traditional trampolines is the placement of springs where children can easily land and hurt their feet and arms. Springfree Trampoline mitigates this risk by using an innovative, entirely spring-free design. Rods are tucked away below the mat so that kids can jump across the entirety of the trampoline without fear.
  • Safety net: The attached FlexiNet features curved, flexible poles located outside the enclosure, reducing the risk of injury caused by traditional metal poles. Nets are crucial to prevent falls as users jump around, and Springfree has designed a net enclosure to ensure that everyone stays safely inside the jump area no matter how high they bounce. The net keeps all accessories, such as balls, inside and is sturdy enough to protect both adults and kids on the trampoline.
  • Durable construction: The rugged durability of these trampolines lessens the risk of the mat or net tearing while in use. When you care for your trampoline correctly, your little ones can enjoy its use time and time again.

2. Promotes Active Play

As a parent, it can be challenging to get your child off their devices to engage in active play. Physical activity is an essential part of kids’ physical, mental and social health. If you can’t seem to get your little one off the couch and exploring the outdoors, Springfree Trampoline could be just what you need. Trampolines encourage kids to enjoy the world around them as they improve their physical health.

Some Springfree designs combine physical activity with technology to keep your child engaged for hours on end. Springfree’s tgoma technology turns your trampoline into a smart activity hub with four sensors that connect wirelessly to your tablet. Choose from fun, educational and fitness apps that will keep kids and adults of all ages entertained and active.

3. Offers Fun for the Whole Family

Looking for new ways to spend time with your kids can be challenging, and finding an activity that both the adults and kids in the family will enjoy is often even harder. Fortunately, a Springfree Trampoline offers family fun for everyone.

Springfree trampolines are exciting and interactive, and they can bring the family together to spend some quality time in the backyard. Both you and your child will have so much fun playing and learning together that you’ll forget you’re even exercising!

4. Lasts for Years to Come

Any trampoline is a significant investment. Make it count with the Springfree Trampoline, designed to withstand harsh conditions year after year.

Springfree trampolines feature only the highest-quality materials, which are backed with our 10-year warranty. Enjoy years of fun while resting assured that every feature of your trampoline is covered. Now that’s a smart investment!

Types of Springfree Trampolines

Springfree has not only engineered what many people consider to be the world’s safest trampoline, but they also recognize that the right and safest style for one family may not be the right choice for another. We all use trampolines differently, whether we just want to have fun or are serious athletes using rebounders to train. Springfree believes everyone deserves to have a system designed to meet their needs.

Everyone who wants to have fun by leaping high has different needs, which is why you can find Springfree trampolines for sale in different shapes, including:

  • Round: This type of Springfree trampoline is the most commonly seen. It offers a cost-effective solution and a consistent bounce that doesn’t go too high. It’s perfect for larger yards and parents who want to provide a safe recreational experience.
  • Oval: These trampolines will let you bounce higher and have more room for bouncing, even with multiple users. They allow for side-to-side movement and are easier to fit into awkward spaces compared to a round trampoline. These trampolines are a good choice for more active families as well as larger families.
  • Square: If you have limited space, you may find it easier to fit in a square trampoline. Square trampolines also have higher weight limits and more jumping space than oval and round styles, so they’re a good fit for larger families.

Springfree has sought to create the world’s safest trampoline in a range of sizes:

  • 11′ x 11′: Perfect for small spaces, this trampoline with no springs still offers ample bouncing surface. This size has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds.
  • 13′ x 13′: For larger families and rebounders who want more room, this trampoline still offers a surprisingly small footprint for the amount of bounce area you can enjoy. Weights limits are 330 pounds.
  • 10′: If you want to choose a round trampoline but don’t have endless space, a 10’ round trampoline is a good selection for one rebounder. This style has a maximum user weight of 220 pounds.
  • 13′: Have endless room? This Springfree trampoline offers a great recreational experience. This style has a jumper weight rating of 250 pounds.
  • 8′ x 11′: This size is one to consider for smaller spaces and multiple users. The item has a maximum user weight rating of 220 pounds.
  • 8′ x 13′: If you have multiple users who want to jump side by side or if you want plenty of back-and-forth and side-to-side bouncing, this size might be your best solution. It has a maximum user weight rating of 250 pounds.

Safety Tips for Parents

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your child safe. Buying a spring-free trampoline is a great first step, and with the following safety tips, you can help keep your little one as safe as possible:

  • Find the best spot for your trampoline: Before setting up your new Springfree trampoline, take the time to consider where you’ll put it. It should be on a soft surface like grass, far away from cement or asphalt. Keep it in a clear area away from furniture and trees.
  • Allow only one child at a time: Many injuries occur when kids run into each other on the trampoline. Allow only one jumper at a time to avoid these safety risks.
  • Supervise kids: Watch your child at all times while they’re on the trampoline, and talk to them regularly about how to use their trampoline safely.
  • Check for rips, tears and holes: While Springfree trampolines are built to last for years, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Check trampolines — particularly older ones and ones left outside year-round — regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace parts as needed using your Springfree warranty.

Order Your Springfree Trampoline From Superior Play Systems®

If you’re looking for a safe, fun way to get your whole family up and active, Springfree Trampoline offers you the equipment you need. At Superior Play Systems®, we provide a wide selection of Springfree trampolines perfect for helping your family get off the couch and enjoy some quality outdoor time together.

Browse our Springfree selection now, or contact us for more information or help placing your order. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you get your family moving!

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