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Wooden Forts

Utilizing a square base design perfect for picnic tables or playhouses, the fort playsets have been a family favorite year after year! With endless design configurations and unlimited expandability these playsets are sure to be a child’s dream come true. Parents can rest assured knowing our playsets are always engineered to be the safest and best built in the industry.

Why Buy a Wooden Fort?

All children love forts because they can become anything with a little imagination. A classic fort can transform instantly into a ship, castle, alien planet or far-away island. Parents love fort playsets, too, because this equipment encourages enriching, creative and active play. In addition, many parents remember all the fun they had in their own childhoods playing in forts!

Superior Play Systems® helps you find an amazing fort that is sturdy and high-quality enough to last for years. The Superior Play Systems® team reviews all the play options in the industry and learns about the latest choices to bring you the safest and best classic forts available.

The Benefits of Wood Forts

Wood forts are an enriching play area for any yard. Forts can:


  • Support creative play. Since forts allow for open-ended play, they encourage kids to come up with their own games, rules and ideas, which helps them think “outside the box” and supports them in imaginative play.
  • Encourage mental development. As children learn to play on different parts of the deck, slide and other pieces of equipment, they learn and dream up new games and new ways to use the equipment, which, in turn, is beneficial for mental development.
  • Build social skills. Kids can use forts to play together, which promotes turn-taking, sharing and agreement on rules. This type of play encourages children to get along with others.
  • Let kids be active. It’s no secret that screens are ubiquitous in children’s lives today. In addition, children spend many hours sitting in classrooms. Forts get kids outside and moving, and away from screens and technology. This can help them work off excess energy and get some exercise as well.
  • Help kids living in urban or suburban spaces. In situations where the nearest park is not close, a fort encourages children to build confidence in being in the great outdoors. A backyard fort can even be the ideal spot for a first camping trip!
  • Be inclusive. Our forts are built with multiple play areas, so children of different ages, abilities and interests can play. There are even quieter spaces inside the fort for children who may get overwhelmed.
  • Encourage physical development. These pieces of play equipment have different activity areas, so kids can stretch, climb, slide and more. Playing on playgrounds such as these helps children have fun while they develop fitness, core strength, balance, fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Encourage emotional development. Since these play areas have multiple levels of play, kids can challenge themselves to try new activities. As they do so, they can build self-esteem and confidence as they learn to slide, swing and even climb.


What Makes Our Wooden Play Forts Different?

Superior Play Systems® has wood play forts that feature:


  • Sturdy hardware. Our forts have hardware that is corrosion-resistant, galvanized and hot-dipped to ensure it does not rust. This ensures years of solid play.
  • Strong engineering. Multibeam joint connections and careful design ensure these forts will not buckle or move, providing greater safety.
  • Different styles. Whether you have a small yard and need a fort with a small footprint or are on a budget, Superior Play Systems® has playground equipment to address those very needs.
  • Safety features. Little details, such as self-locking industrial connectors on swing chains, non-slip textures on rungs and safety handles help kids stay safe while they play. All bolt fasteners are treated to ensure there are no sharp edges. These little details add up to peace of mind and many years of play with greater safety.
  • Solid constriction. Most of our forts are made from 100% solid-beam Pacific cedar wood. You won’t find veneers and glued-together plywood layers here. Solid beam construction ensures greater stability, no matter how hard kids play. Cedar is also resistant to mold, fungus and rot, which keeps your fort durable and beautiful.
  • Real-world testing. All of our forts have been kid-tested and kid-approved. By asking the toughest critics to take a look and by really listening to them, we have ensured we bring you the forts that appeal to them.
  • Eco-friendly details. Since many of our forts are made from solid beams, this can be more sustainable than play equipment made entirely from fossil-fuel-using petroleum products. In addition, since cedar naturally repels pests and fungus, forts made from the material do not need to be treated with harsh chemicals that are damaging to the environment and unhealthy for children. Many parents prefer the natural look of wood as well.
  • Safety standards. The Superior Play Systems® team has decades of experience in the play equipment sector, and we carefully consider each fort to ensure it meets our standards. In addition, each fort option we offer has been tested by engineers to ensure it meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards.
  • Customization. At Superior Play Systems®, we understand that no two households, yards or families are the same. This is why many of our forts can be customized so you get the look and the features you need. Just contact us to find out how we can help you put together a play space your children will be thrilled with.
  • Easy installation. The forts we offer are pre-made, so they are sturdy and easy to set up. Superior Play Systems® also offers delivery and installation support, so you can be sure your play area is correctly and safely set up.

How Superior Play Systems® Can Help

Are you ready to create a play space with all the unique benefits wood play forts can bring? Browse the selection at Superior Play Systems® or find a local showroom where you can try out different wooden fort styles and sizes to see which one might be right for you. When you’re ready to buy, we make it easy to do so with online ordering, easy delivery and even installation options. If you have questions, our knowledgeable team is ready to help!

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