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A Superior Franchise Opportunity with a Purpose

Superior Play Systems® has been hand-selecting, selling and professionally installing the safest and highest quality residential playsets, basketball systems, and trampolines since 1992.

Join us in helping children and their families get out and play in the safety of their own backyard.

Together We Can Get Them Outside!

Our Showrooms

We welcome families to ‘try before they buy,’ host a private birthday party, or let their kids play all day in our incredible kid friendly interactive showrooms and indoor playground.

Our Culture

Our culture is one that creates energy. We must embody what we offer to our customers. We love being part of a team and succeed when we all work together. We live to have fun and help others have fun, too.

Our Mission

Superior Play Systems®’ mission is to continuously evolve to meet the needs of parents and grandparents who wish to inspire healthy, active play in their children.

Our Vision

Our vision is to find and cultivate business owners by creating opportunity for people to help children and their parents have fun again.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Pay to Play*

To maximize our showroom space and support retail sales, the Superior Play business model includes a pay-for-play program where children can come and enjoy our indoor swings, slides, trampolines and basketball hoops for an affordable fee!

Residential Outdoor Recreation Equipment Sales and Installation**

Retail sales are the bread and butter of our business model and makeup approx. 85% of revenue. Families can try before they buy in our incredible kid-friendly interactive showrooms. Superior Play Systems® offers the highest quality residential swing sets, jungle gyms, basketball hoops, and trampolines.

Birthday Parties*

The Superior Play Showroom is equipped to host children's birthday parties or other celebratory events for reasonable flat prices. These parties make for a great supplemental revenue stream.

* Our Pay to Play and Birthday Parties sell our Playsets, Basketball Hoops and Trampolines. The easiest and most cost effective way to sell more and more playsets, basketball hoops and trampolines is to simply let parents see for themselves just how much fun and exercise their own children experience using the products displayed.

** Our well-equipped retail showrooms sell Pay to Play and Birthday Parties. New customers often initially come to Superior Play Systems® in search of exceptionally well-designed, top quality home activity equipment that’s clearly a great long-term investment (and at the best price around). However, once they see our amazing colorful facility for themselves, parents quickly realize they’ve also discovered the perfect place for their kid’s next family celebration.

It’s A Growing Industry!

Parents are becoming increasingly concerned about their Children’s health, and they fear that their children are not getting enough exercise or time away from technology. As a result, there is a growing demand for outdoor backyard play equipment. Now is the greatest time to offer the solution of backyard entertainment that parents are looking for.


The Superior Play Systems® Franchise Opportunity

Pre-Opening Support

  • 16 hours classroom + 32 hours on-the-job for owner +2 people.
  • Our product lines and procedures.
  • Converting a shopper into a buyer.
  • Daily operations, store management & field crews.
  • Mentoring and coaching your team.
  • Helping you open your store.

On-Going Training & Support

  • Mentoring owners— developing the business.
  • Setting goals, developing sales and re-marketing tactics that create customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth mentions.
  • Developing incremental revenues, parties, and repeat purchases in other product lines as our customers’ children age.
  • Updating products, training, creating in-store events and new marketing — including catalogs.

Ideal Candidate Qualifications

  • Passionate about owning their own Superior Play System Store.
  • Willingness to follow a proven system.
  • Commitment to family fun and safety.
  • Commitment to the community served.
  • Prior retail sales and service is helpful, but not necessary. We provide training on best practices.

Why Own a Superior Play Systems® Store?

  • We are the experts in transforming backyards into the Ultimate Family Entertainment Center.
  • Showrooms are outfitted with the highest quality Playsets, Basketball Hoops & Trampolines.
  • Provide safe clean venues for Pay to Play.
  • Offering children’s birthday parties making the most of the space.
  • So Many Ways To Play® makes it simple for Superior Play Systems® owner-operators to provide families with a great reason to go out and play.

Join Our Family And Become Part of Our Success!

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Why A Backyard Family Fun Franchise, And Why Now?

If you are looking for a lifestyle change and interested in starting a business, check out Superior Play Systems’® unique franchise opportunity. Our franchise opens possibilities because we’re:

Trusted: We’ve already done the work, and we’re recognized. Superior Play Systems® has built a name in childhood safety, fun and playgrounds for close to two decades. Our hard work on behalf of our brand means you get recognized when you join.

Growing: We’re in a growth phase, actively investing in marketing and opening new locations and franchises. This is your opportunity to join an established company in the middle of expanding.

Established: We don’t ask you to re-invent the wheel. Starting a new business is daunting. You need to test the idea, find customers and make the right choices. We’ve already done the hard work for you. When you join a franchise opportunity with Superior Play Systems®, you’re getting an established, well-tested business idea that has already worked for many local business owners in New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

In-Demand: This is a great time to invest in kids. The future of children is a crucial concern for many organizations and the government. Playgrounds and play areas serve youth and therefore get grant and community support.

Unique: Our kids’ indoor playground franchise lets you not only help families and organizations find innovative, fun and exciting playground equipment but out indoor play centers are an excellent opportunity for children to play and test out our options. We provide an area for play as well as quality play equipment.

Proven to Be Safe: Safety has changed. Playgrounds considered safe 10 years ago may no longer meet federal standards, meaning many people are looking to update and renovate. In addition, there is a focus on stopping bullying and encouraging inclusivity as well. Our kids play franchise options allow you to offer safety and a better way to play.

Childhood activity levels are a concern. According to the World Health Organization, in 1990 there were 32 million children under the age of six who were obese, a number that increased to 41 million in 2016 and is forecast to go up to 70 million by 2025. Communities, schools and families all have a role to play in reducing this problem, and physical activity is the best way to encourage healthier kids. A Superior Play Systems® franchise is one way to make exercise fun for children.

Check out our franchise solutions today, or contact us for more information!

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