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PROclassic Series Basketball Hoops

When you want to play a classic sport like basketball at home, trust the PROclassic basketball hoop. It’s designed with the residential player in mind, allowing you to explore your hoop dreams, challenge your abilities and have fun from your driveway or backyard.

Superior Play Systems proudly offers the PROclassic in-ground basketball system online and in our stores. Turn every day into an opportunity to get outside for some friendly competition with family and friends with a PROclassic.

PROclassic Basketball Hoop Features

Like all the PROformance® models of basketball hoops, the PROclassic has been carefully engineered to replicate big-time court play in a home-based setting.

What will you appreciate about your new PROclassic basketball system? Here are a few features:

  • Thick, tempered glass backboard: At 3/8 of an inch, the tempered glass backboard can take your toughest shots without breaking under pressure.
  • Hinged breakaway rim: Slam dunks are no problem for the PROclassic. The rim moves up and down effortlessly, snapping back into position after being moved.
  • Movable hoop height: Need adjustability from your in-ground basketball hoop? Move the PROclassic between 7.5 feet and 10 feet from the ground. Everyone on your home court will appreciate the ability to get the right height for their ages and levels.
  • Quality construction: First-rate materials produce first-rate results. Every PROclassic basketball hoop starts with high-performance hardware and products.
  • All-weather design: Corrosion isn’t a problem for the PROclassic. It’s been created to withstand typical outdoor climates from coast to coast.
  • Generous warranty: Get tremendous satisfaction, value and security from a 10-year limited warranty.

PROclassic Basketball Hoop Benefits

When you’re shopping around for a basketball hoop system for your home, give yourself time to explore the advantages of each product you’re considering. Below are some of the reasons that our customers rave about their PROclassic basketball hoops:

  • Safety: Safe play is fun play. PROclassic basketball hoops are secure, solid and sturdy. You don’t need to worry about them tipping over after professional installation.
  • Athletic appeal: It can be tough for kids and adults to get enough exercise. Give your whole family a reason to put down their devices and step away from screens. Having a PROclassic in-ground basketball hoop steps from your garage or back door offers an irresistible way to relieve stress and stay in shape.
  • Attractive design: Your PROclassic basketball hoop plays double duty, giving you years of performance and adding some serious curb appeal to your property. Never underestimate the visual appeal of having a pro-level basketball system at your home.

Improve Your Game With a PROclassic Basketball Hoop

Interested in adding an in-ground basketball hoop at your house? Trust Superior Play Systems for a variety of options, including the PROclassic model. Meet all your basketball goals by shopping online or at a Superior Play Systems showroom near you.

Not sure if the PROclassic is the right fit out of all the PROformance models? Contact us to talk with one of our knowledgeable customer service team members. Remember that the PROclassic hoop comes with a free base pad, too!

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