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Wooden Playcenters

Utilizing an angled base design perfect for tire swings and multiple entry climbing ladders, the playcenter design is the ultimate activity center. Kids are endlessly challenged to develop gross motor skills and coordination. Endless design configurations and unlimited expandability ensure the challenges never end. As always parents can rest assured knowing they have purchased a play set engineered for safety and long term durability.

Why an Outdoor Playcenter?

Children today have more options for playtime than ever before, including video games, puzzles, educational software and more. However, there are many reasons why a classic wooden playcenter can be an important part of your child’s development:

  • They encourage social play. Playcenters are designed so one child can play, or multiple children can have fun together. When children share a playcenter, they learn about taking turns, agreeing to rules, sharing, lining up and more, which helps them hone the skills they need to get along with others.
  • Playcenters combine ideas for exciting play. With many different options, children can play on one activity for a bit and move on to another one. Playcenters are designed to get children moving seamlessly from one activity to the next, setting them up for hours of creative fun.
  • They develop emotional intelligence. Playcenters can help encourage confidence and self-esteem. The spiral slide or climber that is scary one week can be conquered the next. As children learn to overcome their fears and try new things, they’re also working on their independence and emotional skills.
  • Playcenters hone mental and intellectual skills. Playcenters can include activity panels and areas where children can learn numbers, colors, shapes and letters, reinforcing what they learn in the classroom.
  • They encourage creative play. Unlike more structured playtime, playcenters allow kids to create their own games and use their imaginations. This sort of free play can encourage children to develop problem-solving skills. It also encourages them to take creative risks and to think outside the box.
  • Playcenters get kids moving. With children sitting in front of TV screens and in classrooms for much of the day, it’s a good idea to encourage them to get active and to go outside. Playcenters make physical activity fun and not a chore, so children work on balance, strength, coordination and more without being aware of it. Along the way, they develop a love of fitness and the outdoors that can last a lifetime.

Playcenters are also a popular type of play equipment because they take the guesswork out of fun. With a complete set, you don’t have to worry whether a specific slide will work with a set of swings, and you don’t need to fuss about how a deck area will work with a climber. With sets, experts have put together the most popular and efficient combinations, based on research into the most popular playground activities. This way, you end up with a play area kids will love. It’s easier to use a playcenter rather than many separate pieces of equipment, and it’s often more space-saving and budget-friendly, too.

Why a Superior Play Systems® Playcenter?

There are many reasons why Superior Play Systems® stands out when it’s time to purchase play equipment:

  • Our playcenters are stylish. Many parents and kids love the look of our colorful and classic playcenters. With clean lines and bright colors, we make play enticing, and our playground equipment looks wonderful in virtually any yard.
  • Our products are fun and innovative. The team at Superior Play Systems® is always learning more about the newest innovations and releases in the playground equipment industry. We seek out play solutions that put the fun back into play and that are unique enough to offer something fresh.
  • We sell safety-forward playcenters. All the playcenters we offer have been tested by engineers for safety and have been designed by professionals to ensure they comply with all relevant safety regulations. Our playcenters have the little details, such as no-pinch swing chains and no-slip grips, that offer peace of mind to parents. The bolt fasteners on our play equipment are recessed or treated to prevent sharp edges, and our slides have double-walls to ensure smooth travel all the way down, with no snags.
  • We have plenty of options. Do you want a swing set? A fort? Are you looking for a playcenter with a specific theme your child loves? Superior Play Systems® has a wide selection, and many of our playcenters are customizable, so you get the exact play experience you want for your child. We can even help you find playcenters to match your yard and your budget. Whether you’re looking for a high-end playcenter with lots of features or something to fit into the corner of your yard, Superior Play Systems® has you covered.
  • Our team makes the difference. What really sets Superior Play Systems® apart is our team. Stop by a showroom or contact us, and you will meet a team with decades of combined experience in play equipment. We can answer questions, offer suggestions and help you create a play space your children will adore.
  • You can try before you buy. Play equipment is an investment, and you want to ensure you get the absolute right match. Visit a Superior Play Systems® location, and you and your children can try out different playcenters to make sure you find the right one for you. Sometimes, seeing really is believing!
  • Our playcenters include real wood. Many of our playcenters are 100% solid-beam Pacific cedar. This is because cedar is naturally resistant to mold, rot, fungus and pests, so your playcenter lasts longer and does not require harsh chemical treatment. In addition, solid beam construction is sturdier and can last for years or even generations. Many parents prefer a playcenter made from a naturally beautiful material rather than one made from fossil fuels.

Are you ready to add a playcenter to your space? Visit a local showroom where you can try out different playground equipment for yourself before you buy. If you have questions or need help, the professional and friendly staff can help. You can also shop online, and we can deliver your playset and even offer installation services so you can focus on creative play!

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