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Springfree 10 foot Medium Round trampoline
Springfree 10 foot Medium Round trampoline

Our Springfree® 10ft Round Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is designed for jumpers of all ages. Our 10ft mat jumping surface is equivalent to a traditional 12ft trampoline but takes up the space of a traditional 10ft trampoline – so you maximize your jumping surface and save valuable backyard space.

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Springfree® 10′ Medium Round

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10 ft Round Trampoline

Kids and adults alike love jumping on trampolines. These popular pieces of play equipment allow you to practice tricks, get a little exercise and experience the sheer joy of bounding into the air. Bringing a medium-sized trampoline to your own backyard is a great way to entertain your family and encourage your kids to spend active time outside. When choosing a trampoline, you want to find one that’s both fun and appropriate for the space you have available. The Springfree® 10 ft round trampoline provides all the bounce of a larger trampoline in a compact, springless design. Learn what makes this option from Superior Play Systems® ideal for kids and their families.

A Trampoline That Makes the Most of Your Space

While many families would love to have a giant trampoline in the backyard, many lack the outdoor space necessary to house a traditional trampoline with springs. Luckily for these families, Springfree® trampolines provide ample jumping space in a smaller footprint, so you can add a trampoline without sacrificing fun or taking up too much space in your yard. With no springs, the Springfree® 10 ft round trampoline has more jumping space than larger rebounders with springs. In fact, you get as much space for play on this 10-foot trampoline as you would on a 12-foot trampoline with springs. This means you’ll have plenty of room for multiple jumpers. If you have a smaller family with one or two children, the Springfree® 10 ft trampoline may be the perfect fit for you. This medium-sized trampoline is ideal if you want plenty of rebounding space but have limited real estate outside. You can easily customize this trampoline to meet your needs, too. Add some accessories and try different games or exercises to adapt this trampoline to your definition of fun.

Jump Safely Thanks to These Features

As a parent or caregiver, you make safety your top priority when choosing play equipment. When you bring home a Springfree® trampoline from Superior Play Systems®, you can feel confident that your kids can jump and play safely. This 10-foot trampoline comes with several features that keep jumpers of all ages safe:
  • Quality construction: This trampoline features quality construction, a sturdy steel frame and a durable mat to ensure many hours of bouncing fun. This trampoline lasts a long time and can handle multiple bouncers at once, and the materials can withstand play beautifully without rips, tears, warping or other incidents that can result in injury.
  • Springless bounce surface: Unlike traditional trampolines, which have springs around the bounce mat, this 10-foot round trampoline features a fully springless design, which eliminates the risk of spring-related injuries and accidents like pinches and slips between the mat and the edge of the trampoline.
  • Strong net enclosure: A quality enclosure with plenty of give helps this 10-foot trampoline prevent falls. Tumbling off the edge is prevented with the sturdy enclosure, which also keeps balls and trampoline accessories in. The net is strong enough to protect adults as well as kids.
Thanks to these safety features, your trampoline can provide exercise for all members of the family. A good trampoline workout on this rebounder can even be terrific for the lymphatic system. Trampolining is plenty of fun and is gentle on joints, thanks to this rebounder’s smooth and responsive bounce. This 10-foot trampoline and enclosure is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to add fresh air and movement to their life. This trampoline makes fitness fun, and kids and adults of all ages and abilities can use it for a range of activities. Jump, bounce and play while working on coordination, balance, core strength and cardio fitness.

Get Your Trampoline From Superior Play Systems®

A trampoline can provide a source of endless fun for you and your family. With the Springfree® 10 ft round trampoline, you can experience the joy of jumping around in your own backyard. Thanks to the trampoline’s safe and sturdy construction, you can let the whole family jump without worry. If you’re ready to buy this trampoline, order yours now from Superior Play. We believe all families deserve the benefits of active outdoor play a good trampoline provides, which is why we carry only the safest springless trampolines. With decades of play experience, our team can help guide you to the right decision. We also let you work with a designer and offer professional installation to help ensure your play area is set up to the highest standards. Not sure if this is the right trampoline for you? Superior Play can help you find the right fit. Drop by one of our convenient locations to try playing on our trampolines before you buy.


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  1. Guest Review

    Our family loves the springfree tramp. It’s big enough for them to get all their jumping in. Mom and Dad feel the kids are safe because of the inclosure and zip. As the weather allows we will be spending even more time out there! Our overall experience with superior playsystems was very professional from our initial phone contacts and installation.

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