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Springfree 11 foot by 11 foot Large Square trampoline
Springfree 11 foot by 11 foot Large Square trampoline

Our Springfree® 11ft Large Square Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is designed for jumpers of all ages. Our 11.2ft wide x 13.3ft diagonal mat jumping surface is equivalent to a traditional 14ft trampoline but takes up the space of a traditional 11ft trampoline. This is a large trampoline, with an equally large bounce.

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Springfree® 11′ x 11′ Large Square

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Springfree® 11′ X 11′ Large Square Trampoline for Sale

Trampolines provide endless fun for adults and kids of all ages. They make exercise enjoyable, help strengthen leg and core muscles and give kids plenty of opportunities to engage in creative, self-directed play. There are many great reasons to get a trampoline. However, some parents aren’t sure which models are safe for their children. With so many similar trampolines for sale, it can be difficult to tell which piece of equipment will serve your family best. Fortunately, the best trampolines stand out from the crowd. For a large trampoline you and your kids will both love, try Springfree®’s 11-foot square trampoline — optimized for safe and fun bouncing and designed for efficient use of space, this trampoline will let your family jump the day away.

A Safe Way to Jump

The Springfree® 11-Foot Large Square Trampoline and Safety Enclosure is designed for jumpers of all ages. This trampoline’s 11.2-foot-wide, 13.3-foot-diagonal mat jumping surface is equivalent to a traditional 14-foot trampoline but takes up the space of a traditional 11-foot trampoline. This is a large trampoline, with an equally large bounce. Just because Springfree®’s square trampoline delivers a great jumping experience doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice safety, however. You can feel confident letting your kids enjoy this trampoline thanks to several design features that keep them safe, including:
  • A spring-free jumping surface: This square Springfree® trampoline has absolutely no springs in the construction of the jumping surface, which eliminates the possibility of spring-related injuries such as painful pinches. Without springs, you’ll get a 100-percent-safe jumping surface.
  • Balanced construction: The Springfree® 11-foot square trampoline features a carefully balanced construction that prevents tipping, so you and your kids can enjoy jumping around without instability.
  • Safety net: Your large, square trampoline will come with a durable safety net designed to prevent falls. As a bonus, it can keep balls and other toys from flying off the edge.
These safety features allow parents and kids to comfortably experience the joy of jumping on a trampoline.

Find Your Perfect Trampoline at Superior Play Systems®

Trampolines are a great way to keep kids active and entertained. This square Springfree® trampoline will allow you and your kids to jump to your hearts’ content without worrying about safety. If you’re looking for square trampolines for sale, Superior Play Systems® can help. You can buy this large square trampoline online or come try it out in person at your local Superior Play Systems® store to discover what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Play®. * Diameter: 11 x 11 ft * Jumper weight rating: 250 lbs * Surface area of mat 113 sq ft * Frame : Heavy gauge steel * Entrance: Robust, double-sided zipper


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13 reviews for Springfree® 11′ x 11′ Large Square

  1. Guest Review

    we LOOOOOVE our springfree trampoline…and so do all the other kids in the neighborhood. It’s so safe. The only thing I don’t like is the ladder that spring free provides, but I had my dad make some free standing stairs, so we are GOOD!!

  2. Guest Review

    This has been the best purchase! It gets jumped on every day. No complaints. I highly recommend this trampoline. Worth every penny.

  3. Guest Review

    We have 4 boys and they love this trampoline as well as all the neighbor kids. Fantastic Garden toy for every age.

  4. Guest Review

    We love our trampoline!! It is so much fun for everyone in our family and now so many of the neighborhood kids love it too! Our are kids are outside more rather than being indoors on the computer or playing video games and getting great exercises while having fun. We already feel like we have got our money’s worth after only 2 months. My boys have even slept on it over night with their friends!

  5. Guest Review

    to much fun awsome……

  6. Guest Review

    Love it! Pay the $$$ for the professional installation!

  7. Guest Review

    We love this trampoline! It is safe and it feels safe when you are on it. We play almost everyday on it and there is plenty of room for two adults and two kids or about 5 smaller kids. The reason it is not a five star is that if you jump too close to the edge your foot can fall between the net and the edge. It looks nice in the yard and the net is very secure and durable.

  8. Guest Review

    Best trampoline Ive ever come across! So happy I spent the extra money to get the best trampoline available. We are super happy with it!

  9. Guest Review

    The kids (& us adults)have a blast on this and we are very impressed with the safety and quality. It took about 2 evenings for my husband and our neighbor to set it up.

  10. Guest Review

    Love it!

  11. Guest Review

    Our kids have asked for a trampoline for YEARS, and I refused to take on the inevitable ER visit. When I found this one, it was obvious that the majority of injuries would be eliminated due to its construction & no springs. It has been phenomenal! All of our kids, from 10 to 20, have had a blast, and continue to do so. It’s a great form of exercise, and fun, too!

  12. Guest Review

    My 9 year old son and his friends have a ball playing on this trampoline and love the basketball hoop as well . I think it is great as I know they are safe due to no springs and the net .

  13. Guest Review

    I bought this product and my family and I love it!!! It is built strong and was easy to assemble. The space this trampoline offers is awesome! I have a 12 year old and a 6 year old who are thrilled with the room it offers. My newborn will be jumping on it by next year I am sure.

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