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Hoop it up – AlleyOOP® Style! Only Our Backboards are Created For Safe Trampoline Play!
Features 4 strong ProFlex springs where hoop mounts to backboard to withstand more vigorous play.

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Proflex AlleyOOP® Basketball Hoop

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Proflex AlleyOOP® Basketball Goal for Trampolines

Basketball makes a great activity for kids of all ages. It encourages teamwork, diligent practice and physical activity. Plus, it’s just fun! Finding new ways to play basketball can keep kids engaged and make practice feel even more like play. Instead of inventing extra rules or swapping teammates, why not hoop it up AlleyOOP® style? With a basketball goal for the trampoline, your kids can practice new kinds of movement and have even more fun jumping. The AlleyOOP® ProFlex Basketball Hoop is a basketball goal designed for use with one of AlleyOOP®’s trampoline enclosures. The only hoop with a backboard created for safe trampoline play, the AlleyOOP® basketball net features four strong ProFlex springs where the hoop mounts to the backboard to withstand more vigorous play. Read on to learn how this basketball goal for the trampoline can take your family’s game to the next level.

Fun for the Whole Family

AlleyOOP®’s trampoline basketball hoop provides fun activity for the whole family. Basketball players and non-players alike will enjoy what this trampoline addition has to offer. The extra bounce of the trampoline allows smaller kids to experience the thrill of slam dunking the ball into the hoop, and older kids and adults can have fun perfecting trick shots. This basketball goal for the trampoline is great for:
  • Basketball fans who are just starting out
  • Kids who find regular basketball too tiring
  • Kids who want to play basketball casually
  • Student-athletes practicing out of season
  • Young acrobats looking to learn new tricks
  In addition to entertaining kids of all ages and skill levels, playing basketball on the trampoline is a great form of exercise. Jumping helps strengthen the legs and core muscles, and practicing making baskets can boost coordination.

A New Way to Experience Your Trampoline

Setting up a trampoline with a basketball hoop also provides great entertainment for families who have had an AlleyOOP® trampoline for a while. For some kids, the feeling of bouncing and jumping never gets old. However, for others, less active forms of entertainment may take priority once the trampoline loses its novelty. If you’re hoping to get your kids off the couch and back to active play, adding a basketball goal to your trampoline could do the trick. This goal, designed to fit perfectly with the AlleyOOP® safety net, gives kids the chance to try out new moves on the trampoline. And who knows? Maybe their one-on-one games will become their new favorite after-school activity.

The Safe Way to Play Trampoline Basketball

As a parent, you make your children’s safety your top priority, and it’s just not safe to play trampoline basketball with a portable hoop meant to stand on solid ground. The AlleyOOP® basketball hoop is the only hoop with a backboard specifically designed for safe play on a trampoline. With a number of safety features, this hoop can entertain your kids while preventing injuries. Safety features of this basketball net for the trampoline include a reinforced backboard and spring-supported rim. With four tough ProFlex springs where the padded rim attaches to the backboard, this flexible rim bends to reduce impact injuries and prevent breaking, so your kids can engage in safe, energetic play. Your AlleyOOP® safety net will also help keep your kids safe when they’re playing basketball on the trampoline. The net will protect against falls and catch missed shots, so players can enjoy more uninterrupted games.

Shop With Superior Play Systems®

Getting a basketball goal for your trampoline can amuse adults and kids alike, providing a new way to experience basketball and a new activity to enjoy on the trampoline. If you’re ready to choose a trampoline basketball net, we want to help. Get this basketball hoop online or visit your local Superior Play Systems® store to test it and ask questions before you buy.   Includes full size reinforced backboard. Attaches securely to your AlleyOOP® Safety Enclosure Includes Backboard, cushioned hoop with Heavy-duty ProFlex hardware, and 7″ inflatable basketball. Designed specifically for use with AlleyOOP® Safety Enclosures, and is NOT guaranteed to work with other brands of enclosures.



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