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Weather Cover

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Trampoline Weather Cover

A trampoline is one of the most simple, fun and easy-to-use additions to your backyard playset. Of course, when you invest in a trampoline, you want to get as much use out of it as possible. Superior Play Systems® trampoline weather covers keep your trampoline debris-free and ready to go as the seasons change. Designed with a combination of simple Velcro-like material, buckles and PVC-coated polyester, our winter trampoline covers are easy to install and use.

The Benefits of Using a Trampoline Weather Cover

With a trampoline weather cover, maintaining and preserving your trampoline is easier than ever. Keep your trampoline outdoors throughout the seasons without worrying about debris, water damage and falling leaves. No need to pack up and move your trampoline at the first hint of a rainstorm. Best of all, you can keep your trampoline playset looking as good as new for years to come. Our winter trampoline cover is compatible with the most common trampoline sizes, including 10-foot by 17-foot and 14-foot round trampolines. Without the need to remove popular safety nets, like the JumpSport® or AlleyOOP® Sports enclosures, all you have to do is simply install your trampoline cover and get right back to the fun. No tear-down or upkeep required! In addition to serving as a trampoline cover for the winter, our covers also help to protect the trampoline’s safety pads from the elements. A cover reduces the risk of damaging UV rays affecting the fabric, or the trampoline’s structure cracking and wearing down over time.

Do I Need a Cover for My Trampoline?

Wondering if you should purchase a trampoline weather cover? You’ll benefit from a Superior Play Systems® winter trampoline cover if you:
  • Have a trampoline with a safety enclosure.
  • Want to use your trampoline outdoors even as the weather gets cooler.
  • Want to avoid cleaning up leaves, standing water and other debris.
  • Want to preserve your trampoline’s lifespan.

Experience the Ultimate Trampoline Cover for Winter

Trampoline fun isn’t just for long summer days. Many families are concerned that leaving an outdoor trampoline outdoors as the winter months approach will damage their playset and reduce its longevity. Our winter trampoline cover can put your fears to rest. Each cover is designed with heavy-duty PVC coated polyester for enhanced durability and weather resistance. As a result, your trampoline will be protected from water damage and standing water from early melting snow or ice. While you’ll still want to bring your trampoline inside once winter arrives in full swing, our trampoline cover ensures you don’t have to worry about an early snowfall damaging your playset. Simply enclose your trampoline with an easy maneuver and enjoy outdoor fun even as the weather starts to change.

Order Durable Trampoline Covers Today

At Superior Play Systems®, we strive to connect kids with safe, creative, fun play. That’s why we’re the Most Trusted Name in Play®. Our trampoline weather covers make it easy to keep the fun going for many seasons to come. Interested in learning more about our winter trampoline cover? Reach out to us online or visit your Superior Play Systems® store today!


Cover Size

12 foot, 10×17 foot, 14 foot


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