Springfree® FlexRhoop

The FlexRhoop™ is built using the same innovative materials and designconcepts as the Springfree®™ Trampoline. The FlexRhoop™ is great for kidswho want to practice their shooting or dunking and adds a whole newelement of fun for trampoline users.

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Springfree® FlexRhoop

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Springfree® Basketball Hoop

Do your kids love to pretend they’re a professional basketball player soaring through the air and landing a slam dunk while the crowd goes wild? If so, they’ll go wild themselves for our trampoline basketball hoop. This Springfree® basketball net gives those of us who require a little extra assistance the jumping power we need to land slam dunks.

Do you want to find a new way to have fun in your back yard? Make just one small change and discover hours of fun your family will appreciate immediately. You can attach the Springfree® basketball net to your trampoline for a fresh twist on a favorite kids’ activity. Children and parents alike will want to try their hand at dunking on the hoop. You don’t have to worry about falling on the hard ground when you take off for your dunk attempt either. You’ll fall into the springy trampoline instead, making this activity a safe one for even the biggest risk-takers.

The FlexRhoop™ is built using the same innovative materials and design concepts as the Springfree®™ Trampoline. The FlexRhoop™ is great for kids who want to practice their shooting or dunking and adds a whole new element of fun for trampoline users.

Responsive, flexible backboard Flexible rods and rim. Easy to install on all Springfree®™ Trampoline models. Weather and UV resistant materials.

The Benefits of Adding a Springfree® Trampoline Hoop to Your Back Yard

Trampolines provide a great place to exercise and challenge yourself with your kids in the outdoors. You may be ready to add a new activity to the mix and turn trampoline time into game time. Our Springfree® basketball hoop opens up many opportunities. Our customers love this add-on for so many reasons, including:

  • Cardiovascular strengthening: When you play a game of basketball on the trampoline, you’ll get a fantastic workout. Running around the bouncy “court” will get your heart pumping.
  • Outstanding durability: Superior Play Systems® only sells equipment made with the strongest materials. When you buy a Springfree® basketball hoop from us, you’ll get the sturdy craftsmanship of a Springfree®, and you can feel confident that it will stand up to any long-term activity on your trampoline.
  • Family bonding time: Families get closer when they share quality time together. Even the smallest of tykes can take part in a rousing game of trampoline basketball. This activity is one you can all enjoy, and turning it competitive will make it all the more fun.
  • Flexibility: You can add this hoop at any time, even if you’ve owned your trampoline for years.


Find Springfree® Basketball Nets at Superior Play Systems®

Are you looking for a new addition to your back yard that will enhance your playtime and thrill your kids? Superior Play Systems® has a range of possibilities. In addition to trampoline basketball nets, we carry many pieces that are perfect for outdoor play for kids and adults of all ages.

Come view our selection to see the Springfree® basketball hoop for yourself. You can stop in at our nearest location and see what has made us a leader in the outdoor residential recreation sector. We always live up to our name — we sell superior products, and we provide superior customer service. We can’t wait to help you find what you need. Get in touch today to place an order for the Springfree® trampoline basketball hoop.



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