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August 2020

When Is the Best Time of Year To Buy a Swing Set?

  Fall Winter Spring Summer   Many factors can go into the decision to buy your family a swing set. You’ll want to find a design appropriate for the age of your children while they are young enough to get many years of joy out of it. Other considerations include upcoming sales as well as the lead […]

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How Long Does a Swing Set Last?

How Long Do Swing Sets Last? Swing Set Life Expectancy by Material Wooden Vinyl Metal Plastic Why Purchase a Wooden Swing Set?   Remember the days spent swinging in the sunshine without a care in the world? Playing on swing sets is a part of childhood, and it’s good for kids’ health. When a child […]

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Can Backyard Playsets Improve the Value of Your Home?

Can Backyard Playsets Improve the Value of Your Home?   Do Playsets Add Value to Your Home? Playset Factors That Impact Property Value Why Playsets Increase Property Value Will a Playset Raise My Property Taxes? How Playsets Can Help Raise Your Home’s Resale Value Wooden Playsets From Superior Play Systems® Contact Superior Play Systems® Today […]

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How To Determine the Best Quality Materials for Your Backyard Playset

How To Determine the Best Quality Materials for Your Backyard Playset   Do Playground Materials Really Matter? What Are Basic Safety Standards? Advantages of a Solid Cedar Beam Construction in a Wooden Backyard Playset Safety Hazards of Poor Construction Safe Quality Materials to Look for in Your Playset Long-Term Safety Tip: Remember to Maintain Your […]

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Why Cedar Is the Best Wood for Your Playset

  Cedar Wood: A Strong and Reliable Material What Makes Cedar the Best Option For Playsets Longevity and Durability of Cedar Pests Don’t Like Cedar Cedar Dries Quickly After Rain or Snow Safety of Cedar Swingsets Appealing Appearance of Cedar Playset Cedar is Environmentally Friendly Easy Maintenance for Solid Cedar Playsets Solid Beam Construction of […]

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Maintaining Your Playset

Your wooden swingset brings your kids endless active play opportunities. While wood is a durable material choice, it does require some maintenance to maximize the life of the playset. The constant exposure to weather elements eventually causes wear you can prevent or repair with regular maintenance tasks.   Why Playset Maintenance Is Important Why is […]

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Playground Fun in the Winter

Playground Fun in the Winter   Benefits of Using Your Playground in the Winter Construction Designs for Safe Winter Play Winter Playground Safety Winter Playground Activities Enjoy Our Equipment Year-Round   When the temperature drops, wooden playsets tend to get much less use than they do in the summer months. Instead of abandoning your backyard […]

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The Six Key Components of a Safe Backyard Playset

The Six Key Components of a Safe Backyard Playset   What Material Is It Made Of? How Is It Being Installed What Surface Is It Placed On? Is the Playset Age-Appropriate? What Is The Company’s Reputation? Are There Any Basic Safety Hazards?   There’s nothing more entertaining and fun than a trip to the park, […]

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Kids Equipment Sales Are on the Rise

Kids Equipment Sales Are on the Rise   If you take a few moments to reminisce about your childhood, we’re sure some of those memories involve a playset — whether it was at school during recess, at your favorite playground or in your backyard. There’s a chance it might revolve around a not-so-fun memory, too. […]

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