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JumpSport®’s patented safety and quality built trampolines cost much less per year than unsafe, injury-causing, “cheap trampolines” being sold by discount retailers. With our patented Staged Bounce™ technology, 50% of the springs engage immediately, 50% engage a fraction of a second later making the trampoline mat safer and more forgiving, for a low-impact workout.

Buying a JumpSport trampoline is a smart decision. JumpSport, the maker of AlleyOOP® trampolines, is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry for innovation and safety. JumpSport has a whole line of trampolines and accessories, so you can choose the styles and solutions that make sense for your space and goals. Whether you want fun for your kids, a fitness solution or something else, you can be sure JumpSport fit the bill.

Starting With Safety

JumpSport has always been serious about safety, too. Mark Publicover, JumpSport’s current Safety Inventor and CEO, founded the company to address fun and safety in home trampolines. Mark Publicover is a parent who wanted a better trampoline experience for his children. Along with his wife Valerie, he decided to build the company after seeing a young child hurt on a trampoline in 1995. Right then, Mark and Valerie agreed there had to be a way to develop safer and sturdier trampolines for kids.

Right from the start, JumpSport was serious about safety, inventing innovative safety enclosures for trampolines to help prevent falls and injuries. In 1998, JumpSport created another innovative technology to address trampoline injuries caused by surface impact. JumpSport’s products reduced kickback force and allowed multiple children to bounce on a trampoline with less risk of injury.

Today, JumpSport continues to have this technology, which reduces the stress on joints and allows for a more forgiving impact, reducing the risk of jars and fractures. Since the bounce is more forgiving, the body doesn’t absorb as much of the fall energy, allowing for better return bounces and a more fun experience. The JumpSport StagedBounce™ Trampoline, AlleyOOP® VariableBounce™ Trampoline, AlleyOOP® PowerBounce™ Trampoline and AlleyOOP® DoubleBounce™ Trampoline with integrated AirShock™ are all designed to allow multiple people to use the same trampoline simultaneously while reducing the risk of injury.

Quality and Health Benefits

JumpSport is committed to bringing quality products to everyone. From outdoor trampolines to indoor rebounders created to encourage fitness, JumpSport’s innovative range of products delivers. Quality details such as water- and UV-resistant parts on outdoor trampolines to sturdy commercial-grade frames and trampolines with no grommets, JumpSport products have the features needed to keep you safe while offering the best possible performance.

Consider trampoline strings, for example. JumpSport springs are made from the same material as piano springs, so they stretch further. This helps the trampoline give a better bounce and is also safer since it means a smoother and quieter impact with the mat.

From foldable indoor rebounders and full-size outdoor trampolines to innovative accessories that let you practice snowboarding or your jump shots, JumpSport has everything you need to enjoy trampolines for years to come.

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