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Mini Trampolines or Rebounders have been revolutionized with the new JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™!

Exercise trampolines/rebounders have been used for many years in homes, in clubs, and by personal trainers and health care professionals. Now, JumpSport has taken bouncing to a whole new level. Old style rebounders are very stiff and uncomfortable to jump on. 

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline combines superior design, high quality construction, with our proprietary elastic cords for the best, safest bouncing experience ever. Unlike the jarring sensation found with steel-coil spring rebounders, the elastic cords provide a smooth, low-impact bounce that is nearly silent. This new technology outlasts the competition by over 3x the number of cycles! 

Six arched legs provide superior stability and allow you to stack multiple units to conserve floor space. The elegant silver frame maintains the stylish appearance of your own home and adds an extra layer of durability. And lastly, jumping on trampolines is fun! The Fitness Trampoline allows you to finally enjoy your workout.
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Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Model 350

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Rebounding is a great way for youth, adults, beginners to exercise and serious athletes to get fit. Rebounding offers a full-body challenging workout that is gentle on the joints and low-impact, but still delivers exercise that helps you with your balance, coordination, cardio and more. When it comes to rebounders, JumpSport fitness trampoline models are among the top in the industry, and the JumpSport trampoline 350 offers superior flexibility and performance for anyone who wants to get in shape.

The 350 Model

The 350 model of the trampoline is adjustable and customizable, allowing you to easily change the firmness to modify the intensity of your workout. As you build strength, this ensures your trampoline workout can keep up with you.

This trampoline offers a shock-absorbing workout that is low-impact. Best of all, rebounding is so fun that it’s easy to stick with a workout regimen. Forget about discipline and trying to motivate yourself to get fit. Once you start rebounding, you may find it’s so fun that you look forward to getting active. If you’re new to fitness or rebounding, this model comes with a workout you can follow, letting you try new moves to work your whole body.

The 350 model of trampoline from JumpSport is great for the lymphatic system, the heart and weight loss because it targets your whole body and offers deep exercise. This model comes with a generous 32.5” Permatron jumping surface and a sturdy 39” frame, offering you plenty of room to move. The EnduroLast 3 elastic cords that are part of this rebounder helps you get in a vigorous workout and have been tested to ensure they can provide billions of bounces.

This rebounder offers a cushioned, smooth and silent bounce, so you can work out as hard as you like with no squeaking, creaking or other issues that can affect workout machines. JumpSport has designed and tested this rebounder to have 40 percent less impact when compared to other trampolines, so it’s gentle on your body and joints — no jarring here!

Safety features such as commercial-grade 16-gauge steel tubing and stable, arched legs reduce the risk of breaks, tip-overs and injuries while providing you with many years of use. This trampoline is designed to last and last, helping you reach your long-term fitness and health goals.

Get Started With Rebounding

If you’re just starting out with rebounding, a handlebar is available to offer extra stability. If you want to add new levels of challenge, JumpSport also has fitness accessories designed to work with your rebounder and keep you excited about your fitness routine.

Superior Play Systems can help you get started with rebounding. Order your JumpSport trampoline from us today or contact us for professional, personalized help to ensure you get the rebounder best suited for your needs. As leaders in play and fun fitness, Superior Play Systems has everything you need to get exercising!

Jumpsport Model 350 Features -Silver / Black Fit & Finish -EnduroLast™4 Cords - smoother, livelier bounce, 4x Performance! -FlexBounce III™ - 3 tension settings! -Skirt Mat Design - 50% larger than spring rebounders! -Basic Fitness DVD Included -NEW! Patented FlexBounce™ technology provides three easily adjustable firmness settings -Proprietary EnduroLast™ cords go over 6 million cycles, 12x better than typical bungees -FlexBounce™III & VII offer adjustable tension settings, easy to set to your preferences -Included Fitness DVD helps you get started with cardio, core, and strengthening exercises -Exercise Handle Bar available for added stability and expands your exercise options -Extra-wide 33.5" & 37" Permatron® jumping surface -Lightweight & easy to move - only 18 lbs -Commercial quality - tested to over 6 million bounces! -Smooth-finish, powder-coated 16 gauge steel frame -12.5" frame height for a deeper, smoother bounce -39" frame diameter / 42" footprint -6 arched legs - non-tipping and super stable -Weight rating: 250 lbs Click Here to see the trampoline in action
Manufacturer Jumpsport
Special Price $299
Trampoline Shape No
Trampoline Size Fitness Trampolines
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