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Pull off sick tricks while bouncing on your trampoline! Designed for American kids who want maximum flex and height.
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SKU: SKU-1060-1423

Vuly Deck

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A Real Skate Deck

The only tramp deck on the market with a skateboard shape, the Vuly Deck looks exactly like the real thing. The only difference is there's no wheels and it's much softer!

A Safer Deck

Crafted from lightweight plywood and covered in a soft layer of high-quality EVA foam, the Vuly Deck is a safer way to learn new skate, snowboard, or wakeboard tricks.

Better Balance

With a Vuly Deck and a trampoline, your kids will learn how to balance on a board safely, without risking injury. There'll be no more worrying about them falling off their skateboards!
Manufacturer Vuly
Special Price $130
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