Residential Playground Equipment

Looking for the perfect residential playground equipment to set up in your backyard? Depending on the size of your yard and your budget you could either consider setting up a basic swing set or add more fun with a playset.

Swing sets

If your child loves to swing more than anything else, then he/she would love a swing set. Swing sets can either be very basic with just the beams and swings or you can have a swing set with swings and a slide. Residential Swing sets are a good option if you have a small backyard that doesn't have enough room for a larger playset. The three types of swing sets we sell are:

Classic Swing Fort - this is the basic swing set model with a small fort, slide  swings and a trapeze bar. When your kids get bored with the swing seats on this set, you can switch them out with other accessories such as a Tire swing, Bonker Bag, Glider, and more.

*On all swing set models, the swings can be swapped out with other swing accessories. You can see a full list of the accessories we offer by clicking here.

Popular Swing Accessories for both:

Belt Swing - Replacement seats for swing sets. There are made with commercial grade strength and durability materials, so it can withstand years of play.

Knotted Rope & Disc – Rope swings are perfect fun for kids who love standing and swingingd

Pirate Boat Swing - Ahoy Mates! Kids can enjoy acting like pirates in this pirate boat swing. They can jump inside to keep from drowning in the deep ocean below. When they see the sharks getting closer to the boat, all they have to do is pull on the ropes to lift themselves higher into the air! Kids love playing on the pirate swing and letting their imaginations run wild.

Popular Adult Accessories for both:

Hammock – Don’t want to leave your kids outside alone but really don't feel like standing up the whole time? Then you'll love having this hammock to lay back and relax in.

Punching Bag - Are the kids driving you nuts or other things frustrating you? Well here's the perfect punching bag to take out those frustrations on. This punching bag is built strong enough to withstand outdoor weather but still soft enough to throw some hard punches at.


We offer a large selection of playsets that come in a wide variety of sizes.

Playground One Play Systems - This group of playsets includes many play sets ranging from the spacesaver models which are ideal for small backyards to the Mega Playsets which are ideal for residential backyards or Churches & Homeowner's Associations with lots of space. This group of residential playground equipment consists of many playset options for your residence. Each playset is made from 100% All Natural Cedar and built to be safe, strong, and fun.

Popular Playset Accessories for both:

Binoculars - Your child can get a bird's eye view of all the action happening around the playground with these binoculars.

Ship's Wheel - On Your Mark! Get Set! Go! The race has begun. The racing wheel is fun for kids of all ages while they pretend to race cars, ships or airplanes.

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