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Have a smaller space but still want the excitement of your own court, the Snapsports 30′ x 30′ is our most popular size court. No matter which tile option you choose the Snapsports 30′ x 30′ offers plenty of room for those exciting half court games. With over 12 colors from which to choose you team can make this court their own!
Dual Suspension for maximum vertical cushion
High level of sports performance
Durable multi activity use
Long term aesthetic appeal
16 year warranty
Immediate drainage
Made in USA

*Shipping available in the continental US

30′ x 30′ Basketball Court

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30′ x 30′ Basketball Court

Outdoor basketball courts provide children and adults with an outdoor space for healthy competition and recreation. Though a full-sized basketball court may not be feasible for many homeowners and small organizations, you can still find a backyard court that meets your needs. The Snapsports 30′ x 30′ is our most popular basketball court surface size. This square court provides all the safety and fun of a full-sized basketball court in a smaller package. With this system, you can enjoy the excitement of a half-court game in your own backyard.

Designed for Maximum Safety During Active Play

At Superior Play Systems®, we take both safety and fun seriously. Our basketball courts are designed to absorb shock and prevent injury. With Dual Suspension for maximum vertical cushion, these court surfaces remain effective during aggressive play and work to reduce player fatigue, so the team can keep having fun longer. What’s more, our Snapsports court surfaces are made to endure harsh conditions. With durability, immediate drainage, long-term aesthetic appeal and a 16-year warranty, you can enjoy your court for years to come, no matter how much the kids play.

Install the Court You’ve Imagined

When you plan on investing in basketball court installation, you want to find a court surface that matches your exact wants and needs down to the last details. When you and your kids choose a court from Superior Play Systems®, you’ll have the opportunity to customize the design so that it matches the picture in your imagination. Whether you’re trying to coordinate your court with the style of your home or letting the kids’ creativity run wild, you can find a Snapsports court surface in a color you love. Our courts are installed using 900 Dura Court Suspended Modular Tiles. These tiles come in a variety of colors, including black, green, purple, burgundy, bright blue, bright red and more. You can also choose the paint color of the half-court line for a fully personalized design. Having plenty of color options ensures that everyone using the court feels happy with the finished product. With over 12 colors to choose from, your team can make this court their own!

Get a Basketball Court Installation Estimate

Every play area is different, so a site visit can help us determine the most accurate court installation cost for your property. If you’re ready to give your kids the excitement, high sports performance and safety of a Snapsports 30′ x 30′ outdoor basketball court, visit your local Superior Play Systems® store and schedule a site visit. We can provide assistance throughout the installation process, from design to planning and beyond. Reach out to us today to discover what makes us The Most Trusted Name in Play®.   Court estimate includes
  • 30′ x 30′ Court
  • 900 Dura Court Suspended Modular Tile in Choice of Color
  • 120 Edge Tiles 3″ x 12″
  • 961 Square Foot 3000 PSI Concrete Pad
  • Epoxy Half Court Line Painting in Choice of Color
  • Installation
  • Shipping
  Sample pictures and pricing are estimates only. Court requires site visit. See store for details, some restrictions may apply. Open Top Design 12″ x 12″ x 3/4″ (304.8mm x 304.8mm x 19.05mm) High impact Copolymer Suspended Court Surfacing with 1128 individual Support Legs. Weight: 16 oz. (453.59 grams) Color Options: Black, Green, Purple, Burgundy, Bright Blue, Bright Red, Beige, Evergreen, Dark Blue, Graphite, Shamrock, Gray, Yellow, Texas Orange Estimates include all concrete components to full commercial specifications: Concrete steel reinforced, 3000 psi mix, ½”- 1″ slope per 16′ with saw cut expansion joints at 12′-15′ and light broom finish.



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