Safer Play Zone DF-3
Safer Play Zone DF-3
Safer Play Zone DF-3

Designed Specifically for our Deluxe, Turbo Deluxe & Supreme Fort models.

-Rubber Mulch 3 inches deep
-Rubber Borders
-Product Delivery to the home
-Professional Installation and Landscape Fabric

Rubber mulch for your fort design can offer a safer play area. With recycled rubber, you get a year-round safe play zone for your family to enjoy. With rubber curbs to help contain the mulch, you get a maintenance-free safe play area for years to come.

Installation services are only available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York (limited areas), Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

*Shipping available in the continental US

Safer Play Zone DF-3

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Size of Area: 28 ft x 24.5 ft
Total Area 686 square feet
Total Border Length 105 feet
8 borders per side in Length & 7 borders per side in Width
*$6 additional per bag for colored mulch

Bag Quantities per Depth:
3 inches – 70 bags


Mulch Depth

3 inches brown, 3 inches Black


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