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The elongated profile is kid-friendly for crawling.  Spy holes enhance comfort in warmer weather and provide visibility for added safety.  Option that lets you connect any Playground One® base unit to another by adding a kid-friendly elongated tube with spy holes for visibility.

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Crawl Tunnel – 6ft

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Why Buy a Crawl Tunnel? On a playset, you can use simple ramps or gangways to get kids from a slide to a swing set to another piece of equipment. However, our crawl tunnels have several advantages:
  • With a crawl tunnel, you’re asking kids to take part in a different kind of movement. A big part of playsets today is activity. With little ones spending more time in front of screens, being able to encourage kids to exercise and love physical fitness is an important goal for many parents. A crawl tunnel is a fun space kids will enjoy entering, which keeps them moving and keeps them healthy.
  • A crawl through a tunnel uses different muscle groups than those used for running around, sliding and swinging. Tunnels force children to crawl and to scrunch up a little, which helps them get a full workout on your playset.
  • A crawl tunnel can make your playset more inclusive. Today’s parents want play areas that let kids of all ages and abilities play. Crawl tunnels are great for this because they encourage kids to use different forms of movement rather than just running. Even kids with different mobility capabilities may be able to use a crawl tunnel. In addition, kids who need a bit of quiet time can use a crawl tunnel to sit quietly in a cozy space.
  • Our crawl tunnels are designed to be safer. Parents worry when the kids are out of sight and can’t be supervised. Our crawl tunnels have spy holes on the sides, allowing you to keep an eye on your kids and to ensure safety. In addition, the spy holes keep crawl spaces from overheating, ensuring good ventilation.
  • Crawl spaces encourage imagination. Spy holes let kids pretend they are peering out of a periscope on a ship, are a spy on a mission or are looking through the windows of a castle. Kids can also use crawl tunnels to pretend they are crawling through a swamp, desert or to a super-secret hideout.
  • Our crawl tunnels are designed to last. With sturdy materials and excellent design created by top engineers, our crawl tunnels will mean years of fun, no matter the climate.
If you’re ready to encourage your child’s imagination, physical activity and sense of adventure, contact us to speak with a representative about our unique and sturdy crawl tunnels. Our customizable options let you build the play areas kids deserve.



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