Replacement Basketball Hoop Net.

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Replacement Net

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Replacement Basketball Nets

If you need replacement parts for your in-ground or wall-mounted basketball hoop, you’ve come to the right place. Superior Play Systems® offers a wide selection of nets, parts, safety accessories and more for PROformance basketball hoops. Replacing a net? Great! We’ll deliver your replacement net quickly. Stock up on our inexpensive nets and you’ll hear that satisfying “swish” for years to come.

PROformance Basketball Hoops at Superior Play

Superior Play Systems® sells PROformance basketball hoops because they’re designed to weather aggressive play and challenging conditions. The PROformance net lasts because it’s made from heavy-duty synthetic fibers, which means you won’t have to replace your net frequently. It’s also regulation-ready in size, weight and color, which means your net will be the same as what the pros use! Our replacement net comes in one size and is designed to fit every hoop we sell. If you’re considering purchasing a new hoop for your large playground in addition to new nets, we can help with that, too. Superior Play Systems® offers a wide array of PROformance basketball hoops made for in-ground and wall-mounted installation. We love PROformance basketball hoops because:
  • They come in a wide range of sizes. From basketball hoops for kids to regulation-grade hoops, there’s a PROformance model for you.
  • They’re designed for years of heavy daily use. If you plan to invest in a hoop, why not choose one that’s built to last? Stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and supports aggressive play. Don’t risk injury by purchasing a cheaper basketball hoop!
  • Your court can mimic NBA and NCAA play. PROformance builds their hoops with see-through backboards and regulation overhangs. Your players can practice like they’re in the Pros!
  • You can choose between in-ground and wall-mounted models. Ask us to visit your site and we’ll recommend the best hoop for your unique needs. Superior Play carries in-ground hoops set in concrete plus adjustable, wall-mounted models that are perfect for over the garage.

How to Put On a Basketball Net

If it’s your first time replacing a basketball net, relax! We’re happy to help. Here are the required steps:
  1. Start by placing the net flat on a table so you can figure out which end to attach to the hoop.
  2. Apply a lighter near the edges of the net to seal the ends and keep them from degrading or fraying quickly.
  3. Determine which end of the hoop is wider than the other (the wider end attaches to the rim).
  4. Place a step ladder underneath the rim that needs the replacement net.
  5. If the hoop is still too far away when standing on the ladder, adjust the height of the rim (if possible) prior to affixing the new net.
  6. Slide each strand over the hooks located on the underside of the rim.

The Most Trusted Name in Play®

Visit a Superior Play Systems® showroom in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina or Pennsylvania and you’ll see why our locations aren’t just stores. They’re designed to inspire! When you choose Superior Play, you’ll get advice from experts who have been in the industry for over 20 years. Purchase your replacement net today and find out why we’re The Most Trusted Name in Play®.



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