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This anchor works for PROview® & PROforce series hoops.

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Replacement Ground Anchor

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Basketball Hoop Anchor Kit

Superior Play Systems® is pleased to offer a wide range of replacement parts for PROformance basketball hoops. If your in-ground basketball hoop needs a new anchor kit, get in touch with us. With proper installation, your new anchor kit will support years of safe play. Not sure how to disassemble your PROformance in-ground basketball hoop to install your new anchor kit yourself? Do you simply prefer professional installation? No problem. Our experienced delivery and customer service technicians will take care of you from start to finish.

In-Ground Basketball Hoops at Superior Play

PROformance in-ground hoops are built to withstand years of aggressive play with proper maintenance. Superior Play Systems® carries replacement anchors in 4″, 5″ and 6″ sizes. If you’re not sure which anchor size to buy, get in touch with us or visit one of our showrooms. We can ensure you purchase the correct replacement anchor for your PROformance basketball hoop or help you choose a new in-ground goal. With Superior Play Systems® and PROformance, you’ll get:
  • Corrosion-resistant construction, because every PROformance hoop is made from stainless steel.
  • Years of sturdy play, because the stainless steel poles supporting the backboard and rim are roughly 200% thicker than those offered by other brands.
  • Weather-resistant construction that makes your hoop ready for rain, snow, wind and more.
  • NBA-style play, because PROformance offers see-through backboards and NCAA and NBA regulation overhangs.

Superior Play Offers Complete Installation for Your Basketball Hoop Anchor Kit

In-ground basketball hoops are designed to last for years but do require occasional maintenance. And although it’s tempting to tackle the repair of your hoop or anchor kit yourself, don’t leave the installation to chance. If your players play aggressively, then it’s likely they will dunk, hang off the rim or occasionally crash into the support pole. Unless your anchor kit is installed properly, your players risk serious injury. Improper installation could also break your hoop. Why leave your anchor kit to chance? Call us for help instead. There are several benefits to calling us for service:
  • We’ll perform a thorough visual inspection. Call us and we’ll evaluate the hoop site to verify that the anchor needs replacing, and also examine other parts for wear and tear.
  • You’ll know your new anchor kit is installed correctly. Superior Play has helped schools, families and businesses build safe play spaces for over 20 years! Our technicians are the experts when it comes to basketball hoop safety and repair.
  • You’ll get peace of mind and prompt service. The exceptional quality of our products is why our customers buy from us, but our attentive customer service keeps them satisfied over the long term. We’ll take care of you and your hoop so your players can get back to having fun.

The Most Trusted Name in Play®

Our showrooms aren’t just retail locations. They’re also interactive play spaces designed to show you how our products support imaginative play, physical and social development and, best of all, fun! Visit our showroom in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina or Pennsylvania and you’ll see why we’re the industry leader when it comes to play.



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