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Safety Surfacing

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Play Area Safety Surface Surfacing

The right play area safety surface is essential for your playground. Surfacing offers several advantages, such as:

  • Simpler Maintenance: The right safety play mats and other surfacing options can make it easier to notice and clean up any debris, spills or other dangers on the playground.
  • More Accessibility: Some surfacing makes it easier for wheelchair users, kids on crutches, children with mobility challenges and all users of your play area to navigate around.
  • A Unique Aesthetic: Colorful and attractive surfacing adds to the visual appeal of your space.
  • Increased Safety: With a lower tripping risk and with a solid surface, the right option for the ground of your outdoor play area can mean fewer trip and fall hazards. Plenty of surfacing under climbers, swings, slides and other playground equipment can also cushion kids and reduce injuries.

Your Choices

Superior Play Systems® offers two of the most popular options when it comes to surfacing:

  • Rubber Play Mats: If you need additional cushioning at the bottom of slides or with other play equipment, a rubber play mat provides extra safety and also protects the area from dirt. Use in conjunction with another surfacing for a custom solution. With various styles and colors, you can also make mats a colorful, fun addition to your playground.
  • Rubber Mulch: For your play area, rubber mulch is an economical, safe option. It is made from recycled rubber and is clean, safe and non-toxic. Since it is five times heavier than wood mulch products, it does not shift as often, providing a suitable surface. Unlike wood, rubber naturally resists fungi and mold for a cleaner, safer play space. This ASTM F 1292-approved surfacing provides soft cushioning for falls and can be distributed to reflect the custom needs of your playground.

Do you have questions about surfacing or need help making the right choice? Contact Superior Play Systems®. With close to two decades of playground expertise, we understand what it takes to create an engaging, inclusive and safe area for children.

We offer the finest safety surfacing and rubber mulch products available. Featuring inorganic and non-toxic materials, our surfaces creates a safer soft play area for your children. Let us help you to determine the best design for your backyard or playground area.

You can contact us to find out more, or drop by one of our showrooms to explore playground equipment and surfacing. We even have playground equipment already set up, so your kids will have a fun, enriching experience as you explore play options for the home.

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