The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Whenever your situation allows, try to get your kids outside! Older children might have more freedom to play outdoors unsupervised, or with light supervision. Even while you’re working, there may be ways to get the little ones outside, too. If you have your own yard, you could work near a window so you can keep an eye on things, or bring your laptop outside to work while supervising the little ones. If this just isn’t feasible, or you don’t have your own outdoor space, squeeze in some time to take a short break at a park during your lunch break, or when you’ve finished work for the day. It’s so important for the whole family to spend some time outside, getting some exercise and fresh air. Time spent outdoors encourages overall health and well-being, increasing fitness levels and getting vitamin D, as well as releasing pent-up energy. Regular outside time is good for physical fitness, and it is also known to improve mental health. After playing outside, kids will likely be calmer and can return to their indoor activities with better focus. Outside play also helps develop kids’ independence and confidence levels. They’ll learn how to play by themselves, solve problems and navigate new surroundings and situations. More time outside also helps kids learn about the natural world and increases their appreciation for nature. Encourage creative play outdoors, using playground equipment and natural elements to create imaginative play scenarios.  

Playsets, Trampolines and Basketball Hoops From Superior Play Systems®

Having fun play equipment in your yard will entice kids to play outside more, and it is one of the easiest ways to keep kids busy while working from home. Superior Play Systems® has the best play equipment options available, so you can customize your yard for fun outdoor playtime:
  • Wooden playsets: Swings, slides and playsets are classic, quintessential additions to any yard and will keep the kids busy for hours. A simple swingset or slide are great for smaller yards, or you can go big with a wooden fort playset and let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Kids will love playing and pretending in their very own backyard fort. Add on fun extras like climbing walls and tube slides.
  • Trampolines: Adding a trampoline to your yard is a great way to keep the kids busy and provide lots of entertainment and exercise. You can choose the shape and style that’s right for your family, and add on features like nets, extra padding, hoops and tents to make your backyard trampoline even safer, more comfortable and more fun.
  • Basketball hoops: Another classic addition to any yard, a basketball hoop can keep the whole family entertained. Go for a wall-mounted unit or if you have more room, install an in-ground unit for more stability and professional play. Playing basketball at home is a great way to get outside and get in some exercise.

Contact Superior Play Systems®

As a leader in residential recreation, Superior Play Systems® offers a wide variety of play systems, trampolines, basketball hoops and more. We have everything you need to turn your yard into a fun destination the whole family will enjoy. Playing outside is one of the best things for kids to do while you work from home, and you can make this easier with play equipment from Superior Play Systems®Contact us today for more information, or find a dealer location near you, so you can see our high-quality play systems in person.
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