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How to Stay Active on Vacation

How to Stay Active on Vacation

How to Stay Active on Vacation

Do your ideas for family vacation involve lounging by the pool or curling up with a good book? Sometimes, when we think of family vacation activities, we’re not thinking of exercise because we’re so focused on relaxing.

While you want to relax on your vacation, it’s also important to stay active. Exercising on your family vacation encourages a healthy lifestyle, especially if you’re permitting a few food indulgences on your trip. Activity can also make for a more fun vacation and can give you the opportunity to pursue fitness in a whole new location.

If you’re looking for family vacation ideas designed to keep you moving, here are some things to try:

Look for activities that get you moving

As you plan your itinerary, choose options that let you get some exercise. If you want to go on a tour, choose a walking tour over a bus tour. Ask the tourism office at your destination for active and adventure travel options that let you have fun as you exercise.

Go to a waterpark

A waterpark is a great idea for a vacation activity because it can get your whole family swimming and exercising. Choose different active games in the pool like racing, Marco Polo, and more.

Look for smart accommodations

Look for a place to stay on your vacation with a pool or exercise gym. This way, even when the weather is bad or it’s very hot, you have the opportunity to get active.

Schedule exercise into your day

Set aside time to exercise together as a family, whether it’s hiking outside or working out in the hotel gym. Challenge your young ones to exercise first thing in the morning to jump-start the day.

Take a hike

Hiking is a great way to explore seashores, parks, forests and other natural areas. Walking is also a great way to see more of your destination on foot. Park your car and walk around to really get a feel for the local area. Remember to reference guidebooks or check with your hotel staff so you know that areas are safe.

Find a playground

If you are traveling as a family, playgrounds in parks and public spaces can be a great place for the kids to play and maybe even make a few new friends in the process.

Being on vacation does not mean taking a break from staying active. You may just find that doing some of these activities can help you enjoy better health and more energy while you’re away from home.

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