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National Playground Safety Week 2022


National Playground Safety Week 2022

Did you know that April 25-29th is National Playground Safety Week?! Playground safety is important every week of the year, but this week we want to take time to remind everyone of important things you can do to keep all children safe while playing on playgrounds all year long.
  • Always have someone supervising children while they are playing on outdoor playsets or playgrounds. It’s important to have an adult watching the children so that they play safely with each other and on the equipment. Another reason supervision is important is because accidents can happen and having an adult close by to help is always a good thing.
  • Make sure children follow the playground rules. This will help keep them safe and the other kids playing around them.
  • Make sure the surfacing used in the play area is “fall safe.” Meaning that kids won’t get hurt even worse when they fall on it. Safe surfacing for playgrounds includes rubber mulch, shredded rubber, sand, and wood fibers. Surfaces to stay away from are asphalt, cement, dirt, and even grass.
  • Double check that all the play equipment is safe and being maintained. Check that no bolts/screws are sticking out which could cause cuts. Make sure no bolts are missing from swings or structural pieces. Properly maintained equipment will make for an even safer play environment.
Safety should always be first when it comes to playing on outdoor playsets. Having a SAFE environment enables kids to have more FUN and ENJOY playing that much longer!
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