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How to Keep Kids Active During the Summer

How to Keep Kids Active During the Summer

How to Keep Kids Active During the Summer

The last school bell just rang. Your kids are home for summer. Encourage them to stay active and outdoors instead of staying inside in front of a screen. Use the following activities to keep the whole family active and outdoors!

Spring sports

Many communities have spring sport tryouts for children of all ages. Whether your child is enthusiastic about a specific sport or they’d like to try a new one, there are many to choose from. Many sports organizations are even free or inexpensive to join.


Many festivals start during the spring, and these include music festivals, outdoor spring festivals, art festivals and more. Many are family-friendly and a perfect way to spend the day outdoors together while having fun and learning about music, art, culture, and more!

Amusement parks

Many amusement parks have spring specials, so if you want to get your family on roller coasters before the summer rush, this can be a great time to try and have new experiences.

Movies in the park

Communities sometimes show movies or even stage plays in local parks. Often free or very inexpensive, these fun activities let you pack a lunch and head outdoors to experience something new.

Public gardens

With the spring flowers coming up, many botanical gardens have children’s programs to teach kids how to spot birds, identify plants or even plant their own gardens. Often free or inexpensive, these activities can be a great way to spend time together while expanding your family’s knowledge of the world around us.

Hiking and walking

If you don’t want an organized activity, taking a hike lets you appreciate the flowers of spring and lets you get a look at the wildlife that’s just beginning to wake up from a long winter. Pack a camera and a picnic lunch for a break mid-hike and enjoy the views.


Why not play tourist in your own town or a nearby city and go on a guided tour? Walking and bus tours are often inexpensive and let you learn historical facts you might not have known before.

Playing on outdoor playsets

Whether you have an outdoor playset in your yard or head to a playground, this is an ideal time to try out a new play area. If it’s raining and you’d still like to play on playsets, try the Open Play with Superior Play Systems®. You get to try state-of-the-art playground equipment in a fun environment indoors. With all these activities to try, it’s time to get out there and start celebrating the end of school year and family fun!
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