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DIY Playground Transformations

DIY Playground Transformations

DIY Playground Transformations

DIY playground decor is a great way to transform your playground while getting kids involved in the transformation and decoration process. A few children’s activities you can do together to make your playground more unique include the following.

Decorating Cardboard Boxes

Make them look like castles, pirate ships or other themes. With your children, paint and decorate the outside of cardboard boxes to transform them into anything else you like. Place the finished boxes around the playground, well clear of any equipment. It can be a fun way to try new creative play, and it’s also an inexpensive way to try out different ideas and themes if you’re thinking about making permanent changes to the playground. You can see whether specific themes will work or some ideas are more popular than others.

Printing Pictures to Color

Tape these pictures on the outside of the playground or on activity panels for a fun, alternative way to use the playground. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to add additional children’s activities to a playground area. Just remember to bring some crayons.

Adding Lights to the Playground

Fairy lights can be a wonderful way to transform the playground, especially as the days get shorter in the winter. The lights offer illumination but can also create a magical atmosphere that can help children pretend they are playing in a magical forest. Hang the lights high enough to prevent children from grabbing them.

Building Forts and Houses

Use sheets or blankets to create walls to build a fort or a house. This can help create cozy spaces, which can make your playground more inclusive and also create new dimensions for your children to play with.

Adding Flower Boxes

Children love to play with nature, and planting flowers around a playground can be fun. Flowers can also teach kids about responsibility as they learn about watering and tending the plants. You can even read up about different types of plants together. In addition, children can have fun watching the plants bloom and grow.

If you’re looking for a playground space or new playground equipment to expand the possibilities for outdoor activities, Superior Play Systems® has quality, safety-minded and innovative playground solutions to help you. From customized to themed playgrounds to inclusive models that ensure all children can play, we have a selection that will delight you.

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