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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Play Systems

The interactive play systems Superior Play Systems provides for our clients across the East Coast of the United States are available in two different categories: residential and commercial. As the name suggests, our residential interactive play systems are designed to fit in your home’s backyard and are designed to be private for children and their friends. However, commercial trampolines and swing sets, and other structures, are designed for larger public areas, including daycares or community parks. Outside of these details, though, what truly makes these two styles different from each other? If you’re thinking about adding a pre-designed interactive play system to a public space — or if you’d like Superior Play Systems to help you create a custom model — read through a few of the key differences below.

Commercial Interactive Play Systems Accommodate More People

Although the same heavy-duty construction and structural integrity of our interactive play systems apply to both categories, it’s important to understand who our commercial structures are designed for. These large-scale models of our wooden outdoor playsets and trampoline and swing set are designed to accommodate more children than a typical homeowner’s backyard. Since our Superior Play Systems structures are available for daycares, rec centers, and other areas, multiple families and multiple groups of children can play in and around them all at once. Commercial Interactive Play Systems Accommodate More People

They Include ADA All-Inclusive Features

Our backyard swing sets and residential structures are customizable, and this applies to our commercial options as well. However, Superior Play Systems takes special care to ensure our interactive play systems are compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act and can appeal to as many children as possible. We as a company believe all public recreational spaces should be inclusive, which is why our commercial interactive play systems include several ADA-compliant options. The Original Fort Combo 2 Interactive Play System

These Interactive Play Systems Are Typically Larger

Because our Superior Play Systems trampoline and swing sets are designed to be installed in public places, they typically come in larger sizes than our residential options. Our professional team members will handle all aspects of the delivery and installation no matter the size of your chosen interactive play system. But even then, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor playset for children of all ages to enjoy. Let Superior Play Systems help you create a design that will be able to accommodate several children all at once. The Original Playcenter Combo 2 Backyard Swing Set

Choose a Commercial Superior Play Systems Model

If you’re ready to move forward with your community playground, a Superior Play Systems specialist can help discuss and finalize your vision. Contact us to create a community play area that fits your needs, wants, budget, and available space, finalizing a design that will work for the clientele you’re interested in serving. Once the final blueprints for your interactive play system are complete, we will provide renderings, images, and a quote for your project. From there, Superior Play Systems can handle the delivery and installation without issue. Create the best long-lasting outdoor playset by working with our team of professionals. Whether you’re interested in a trampoline and swing set or another type of playground, Superior Play Systems can provide exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today and view our gallery of past commercial projects to start gathering ideas! Shop Online Now
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