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7 Fun Christmas Traditions for the Whole Family

7 Fun Christmas Traditions for the Whole Family

7 Fun Christmas Traditions for the Whole Family

Christmas is a time for both family and fun. If you have children in your household, this is a special time of year, since there are plenty of activities for everyone, adults, and toddlers alike. If you’re looking for fun Christmas traditions to implement this and every year, here are a few ideas you may want to consider:

1. Head outside for a daylong Christmas adventure

Staying active outdoors can be fun for everyone. If you live in a part of the country where it’s mild at this time of year, head out to a playground or your own Superior Play Systems® equipment in the backyard. If you live somewhere with snow, try skiing, ice skating, sledding or even heading out on a sleigh ride. Become a tourist in your own town and you’ll be sure to find activities perfect for both adults and children.

When creating your daylong adventure, be sure to include activities for each age group. For example, consider heading to the playground and then out to get hot cocoa so the adults and older children also get a treat.

2. Go see the lights

A great treat for the whole family is to head out for a walk or drive to see some of the holiday lights in different neighborhoods. Many communities set up their own displays or publish lists of need-to-see areas. You can pack some snacks, grab a thermos of cocoa and even play Christmas carols on the way to see the lights. Everyone in the family can enjoy this timeless activity. Try turning it into a game for younger children by creating a checklist of Christmas items that includes Santa, Frosty, reindeer, a sled, a candy cane and more. You can also encourage them to count the different colors of lights they see.

3. Have a holiday bake-off

Baking and cooking as a family is a great way to get children involved in the kitchen. Kids can be the best cake and cookie decorators! Set up ingredients in the kitchen and bake cookies, pies or other traditional holiday treats. Younger children can help by measuring out dry ingredients, reading out the recipe or being in charge of picking the music. Once you’ve made some delicious Christmas treats with the whole family, you can pop them into decorative boxes, bags or jars to make personalized gifts for friends and family.

4. Give back to the community

This is another whole-family activity that really celebrates the true spirit of the season. As a family, take part in a toy drive, food drive or soup kitchen meal preparation. For smaller children, it can be a great way to learn about giving. They can help by discussing what gifts someone their own age would like and by helping choose those gifts. Older children can help with card writing, wrapping and food preparation efforts. They can also offer valuable input into what older children might need from a toy, coat or food drive.

5. Celebrate your culture

Where do your ancestors come from? This can be a great time of year to look into traditional celebrations from your culture or from the past. Take a family trip to your library to look up books about Christmas practices from around the world. As a family, decide which traditions you’d like to try specific to your own heritage or try some ideas from a heritage that is different from yours. Different cultures can incorporate specific recipes, holiday games, and celebrations unique to each culture that can be an eye-opening and fun experience for the whole family.

6. Throw a family decorating party

You’re going to want to decorate your home, so why not make a celebration of it? Have everyone in the family wear Christmas hats, play Christmas music, serve Christmas treats while turning your home into a winter wonderland. Pulling out ornaments made from past Christmases can be a great way to reminisce on fond family memories. After the home is set up, the whole family can get active even during winter weather by visiting a Superior Play Systems® Playground Superstore for some indoor playground fun.

What are your plans for this Christmas? If you’d like to add a fun tradition for your whole family, try one of these ideas. You may just find a new way to celebrate the holiday and cherish unforgettable family time.

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