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6 Ways to Use Your Imagination to Turn Your Playset Into a Magical Land

6 Ways to Use Your Imagination to Turn Your Playset Into a Magical Land

6 Ways to Use Your Imagination to Turn Your Playset Into a Magical Land

Superior Play Systems® has been creating atmospheres for kids to play safely for more than two decades. We’ve seen plenty of creative ways to use playsets, and some of the best ways to transform your playset into a magical play area include the following.

1. Decorations

It’s easy to make a playset into a giant canvas. Simply supply your children with chalk, cardboard, tape, crayons, and other artistic tools. Allow them to decorate the entire playset to their liking. They can choose a specific theme or simply have fun with it. Take photos from every angle, so you can appreciate your child’s creativity. But also be sure to remove the materials when finished to always put safety first.

2. Costumes

Costumes add a new level of fun to a playset. When you dress up as a wizard or princess, your playset instantly becomes a castle or a secret getaway. If you are encouraging costumes, make sure that none of the costumes have dangling strings or cords, because they can pose a danger on monkey bars or ladders. Costumes should allow for easy movement and not pose a tripping hazard. Ensure proper supervision if children are playing near a playset in costume.

3. Hide and seek

Hide and seek can be an amusing game to play in and around playsets. If you have a small playset, hiding toys and asking children to find them can be an entertaining game, too.

4. Theatrical productions

Playsets can set the stage for wonderful theatrics. Ask children to write their own play or put on an existing child’s play. You can portion off playsets with a curtain and use various surfaces for different scenes in the play. A slide, for example, becomes a great way for a villain to make a dramatic entrance. It’s also possible to set up chairs around the playset, so neighbors, friends and family can be part of the big production.

5. Obstacle courses and competitions

One of the most traditional ways to use playsets is to use them for competitions. Encourage your children to see how many slides they can take in a row, or how many push-ups or chin-ups they can do. Consider asking them to complete an obstacle course of different activities while timing them. See if each child can beat his or her time. The Extreme Playcenter with Dual Slides is the perfect playset to host your races!

6. Charades and acting out

Whether it’s a game of charades, Simon Says, or another game, kids love acting. They can be horses and prance around the swings, act like monkeys and hang from the monkey bars or act out different scenes, ideas and animals using the playset as a prop. If you’re looking for great playsets to help spark your child’s imagination, look for options that allow your creativity to thrive. Superior Play Systems® has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and are known for safety and commitment to children. Our wooden swing sets are made from 100% percent chemical-free solid cedar and our playsets are extensively tested and designed to be sturdy and safe.
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