5 Ways to Keep Kids Exercising When School Starts

Kids across the country are back—or headed back—to school, which means schedules are once again full with extracurricular activities, homework, and projects. Being able to keep kids exercising can be challenging, but highly important.  Here are five ways to sneak some exercise into the kiddos’ daily activities.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

If your child plays a sport, take some time to do some family practice at home. They’ll love showing off their new smooth moves, and will get a kick out of teaching you how to do a behind-the-back pass or a pirouette.

2. Up Those Steps

Really short on time? Park farther away than you normally would, adding extra steps to get where you need to be. Sure, that open spot right next to the baseball field is screaming your name, but that spot 20 spaces down will give you some exercise points for the day.

3. Backyard Playground

Have some family fun time out back! Whether it’s on a wooden playset, trampoline, or playing basketball, some healthy family competition keeps the family moving towards better health. Bonus: Exercise improves brain activity! Let those kids run around outside before homework, and it will (hopefully) be smooth sailing the rest of the night!

4. Don’t Let Bad Weather Stop You

If you’re looking for some exercise during a downpour, think about trying your hand at some virtual tennis! Video games have come a long way and virtual sports and fitness games can get you on your feet and breaking a sweat! From training games to dance parties, there’s bound to be something that gets your family moving (and groovin’).

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