4 Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

4 Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

Many families have holiday family traditions passed down from generation to generation. Whether you have many holiday customs or you are looking for new ones, it may be time to reevaluate how you always do the holidays. If your family’s traditions have been passed down for generations, they may not emphasize what children need. They also may not focus on physical activity.

In either case, this can be a time to introduce new traditions. Family holiday activities make wonderful new traditions because they get everyone involved. Some activities you may want to include as part of your family traditions include the following.

1. Games

Games that encourage some physical activity get kids active after a big meal. Just keep things inclusive with a game like “Pin the ornament on the Christmas tree” or a pretend game that can include walking or running. You can set up board games for adults and a play area for kids, too, to ensure everyone gets to have some fun.

2. Time Spent Outside

Going outside after a big holiday meal gives your children exercise and fresh air. Whether you look at holiday lights or just go for walk or even head to a playground, everyone can have fun by getting out of the house for a while. It can also break up the monotony of long hours indoors, too.

3. Special Foods

Consider creating new family recipes that become a tradition and get passed down from one generation to another. If you already have some traditional meals, update them with healthier alternatives.

4. Kindness and Volunteering

This can be a great way to capture what the holidays are really about and can help encourage social skills and emotional skills in children. Whether you volunteer together or whether each person is tasked with doing an act of kindness, kids can get involved in a few ways. They can include someone on the playground in games, invite a new student to play with their group of friends, or take part in some other activity, which brings a smile to someone’s face.

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