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Waiver: Play-to-Play and Parties SUSPENDED

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In order to save time when you arrive, you may fill out and sign your liability waiver securely online. Please select your location below to proceed...

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Pay-to-Play and Birthday Parties continue to be suspended until further notice.

Superior Play Systems® takes indoor family fun to a whole new level. Our indoor family fun center offers:

  • Open playtime for kids. Just drop by open play when we are open and pay a nominal fee for all-day access to our playground equipment. Our all-day indoor playtime is a great spontaneous treat. Use our drop-in open play on rainy days or just on those days when the regular outdoor playground will not do.
  • Bounce On our Trampolines and Shoot Hoops all day long. At your local Superior Play, we have not just playground equipment but basketball hoops and a wide variety of trampoline designs setup and ready to test! Why settle for one when you can play on 5 or more tramps at one event! Whether you are looking to fit the perfect basketball hoop in your house or driveway or searching for a trampoline that makes your kids want to play all day, our in store demos and wide selection of play products can’t be beat!
  • Yearly passes. If you are looking for playtime for families, our annual passes are a great value. For one flat fee, you can get your kids playing and having fun every time we’re open. Just contact Superior Play Systems® to find out more and to sign up for your annual pass.
  • Parties. What child doesn’t love a party? Our indoor play area is a unique space for a birthday or any big celebration! Children can explore all our quality play equipment with friends and can celebrate more in the birthday party room. Contact Superior Play Systems® today to book your next child’s party! You will enjoy a wonderful and unique venue without the hassle of clean-up afterward.
  • A safe play time. For years, Superior Play Systems® has been dedicated to child and playground safety. All our playground equipment is carefully tested and meets or exceeds all relevant safety guidelines and protocols. When your children play in our open play areas, you know they are in good hands. Also, with no bees, nettles, sunburns and other “ouches” of outdoor spaces, kids can focus on fun — and parents can enjoy knowing kids are indoors and not likely to wander off, too.
  • Quality indoor play equipment. Superior Play Systems® indoor playgrounds are filled with quality play equipment that is designed with childhood development in mind. The innovative and classic pieces encourage social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth. All Superior Play Systems® equipment is also made from quality materials, such as solid beam construction and solid steel to ensure durability and your peace of mind. You can see the quality in every detail of our play equipment, from our trampolines to our basketball goals.

Pay-to-Play and Birthday Parties continue to be suspended until further notice.

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