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Ninja Training Kit

Kids can train like a Ninja with this awesome obstacle course intro kit! Inspired by the Ninja Warrior competition, this kit includes everything needed to hang it up, as well as challenging obstacles that can be attached in any order.

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Ninja Training Kit

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Ninja Training Kit With Superior Play Systems® ninja readiness kits, every child can have the confidence to become a ninja warrior. Reach new heights and let your imaginations run wild — on our monkey bars, you’ll be unstoppable! Explore our ninja background options and discover the power of play today.

Ninja Warrior Playset for Kids of All Ages

Our ninja readiness kits are available for kids of all ages. As long as they are old enough to apply upper body strength and safely move between monkey bar attachments, children will be able to enjoy creative ninja play. Due to the nature of our monkey bar attachments and the strength required, older kids tend to gravitate to the ninja warrior playset — especially those aged 10 years old and above.

How to Use the Ninja Warrior Kit

With just a few steps, your children can be making moves and fighting invisible crime. The ninja warrior kit is easy to set up and designed for a long lifespan. Our kits include handgrip attachments in various colors, shapes, sizes and styles, including ropes, straps and hoops. Simply attach the handgrips to the monkey bars, make sure they’re tightly secured and enjoy!

The Many Benefits of a Ninja Warrior Playground

Installing an at-home ninja warrior playground in your backyard is a dream come true for many kids. Beyond facilitating countless hours of fun, ninja warrior playsets also boast an array of mental, physical and social benefits to help children’s development:
  • Encourage creativity: The potential of a ninja playground is limitless. Children can battle invisible foes, race over imaginary lava pools and swing through the jungle — all right in their own backyard.
  • Improve motor skills: Ninja playgrounds are a fantastic opportunity for kids to overcome physical obstacles and improve their cognitive and motor skills. Moving from one obstacle to another requires flexibility, agility and balance. Plus, ninja warrior kits require quick reflexes, focus and a good sense of timing, all of which will help strengthen children’s cognitive abilities.
  • Strengthen grip: Ninja warrior tests are an excellent workout for hand and finger grip. Hanging on to the attachments and moving through the course can help to expand children’s range of motion and strength.
  • Facilitate social play: Ninja warrior kits can be used for solo play, but they are also ideal for groups of children. Whether kids are competing or working together to overcome obstacles, they’ll learn the value of collaboration and communication on the playground.

Contact Superior Play Systems® for Ninja Readiness Kits

Superior Play Systems® is here to take family fun to the next level. From kid’s basketball hoops and professional-level hoops to playset accessories and ninja warrior kits, we’ve got everything you need for endless outdoor adventures. Our ninja readiness kits offer a dynamic, one-of-a-kind playtime experience. All of our accessories are built to meet strict industry standards to enhance safety and durability. Designed for kids of all ages, our ninja warrior playsets are the perfect addition to your outdoor playground. Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about ordering and installing a kit.
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