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Indoor Playgrounds

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Berlin, NJ

If you drop by our kids’ indoor play location in Berlin, NJ, conveniently located on south Route 73, you can see outdoor play areas set up. It’s an ideal way to see what our outdoor play equipment looks like. With plenty of outdoor parking and a location close to Route 30 and Washington Township, this location is conveniently placed for creative play.

Alpharetta, GA

The SuperPlayTime location in Alpharetta, GA, is close to a middle school, making it perfect for local birthday parties and events. It’s also near highways for easy access and a local pizza restaurant if you’d like to make a day of it. This location has outdoor hoops set up as well as outdoor play equipment, too.

Norcross, GA

Close to Interstate 85, our Norcross, GA, location is easy to reach. You can plan a whole day of outdoor activity as it’s near Freeman Lake, hiking trails and a country club. Our Norcross SuperPlayTime kids’ indoor play site is also close to schools and apartments, making it ideal for many families in the area. The indoor space has multiple hoops, large trampolines, playsets and swings, allowing for hours of fun.

Charlotte, NC

Near Interstate 77 and General Paul R. Younts Expressway, our Charlotte, NC, play area and showroom are easy to access. Close to restaurants and businesses, it’s easy to stop by when you’re running errands. This kids’ indoor play space is part of a shopping area, so you can enjoy plenty of parking and the option of browsing for needed items while offering an indoor playground for kids.


When you bring your kids to an indoor playground at a Superior Play location, they’ll get to play with:

  • Playsets: Wooden playsets indoors will let your children climb, play and get their imaginations running wild.
  • Hoops: Sturdy basketball hoops will help your kids develop social and physical skills as they bounce, dribble and line up shots or play games with others.
  • Trampolines: Let children bounce high and work on balance and physical strength with large bounce areas.

The Benefits of an Indoor Playground for Your Child

Find your nearest indoor playground at Superior Play, and you can allow your children to enjoy all these benefits of a kids’ indoor play area:

  • An indoor play center is inclusive: If your child struggles with the surfaces of outdoor play spaces or the noise of the outdoors, taking play inside just makes sense. Even if your community doesn’t have a playground, Superior Play offers an affordable, fun and safe option.
  • Indoor play is great for all weather: When it rains, snows, sleets, hails or does anything else that prevents a trip outside, indoor playgrounds mean play doesn’t have to be cancelled. You also won’t have to worry about kids burning or overheating in the sun or getting cold in the winter — the climate inside is controlled.
  • An indoor playground is controlled: Inside, you don’t have to worry about children wandering toward traffic or wandering away from a play area. It’s easier to supervise kids, and other adults there can help keep kids safe too.
  • Indoor play spaces mean less exposure to outdoor air: According to the American Lung Association, 141.1 million Americans live in areas with poor air quality. When kids play outdoors, they’re exposed to diesel fuel, exhaust, cigarette smoke and other pollutants that can be harmful to them. This is especially the case for playgrounds built near major roads and in urban centers. Indoor spaces can mean less exposure to airborne traffic pollutants.
  • Indoor play areas at Superior Play are a great way to try before you buy: Our Superior Play playgrounds indoors double as showrooms. If you’re considering a play area for your kids, have them try out all the possible configurations so that you can learn about their interests and invest in what they enjoy playing most. You can also see how different playsets and trampolines look set up and speak to Superior Play about the systems, ensuring you’re making the right purchase.
  • Indoor spaces are a fun new option: Many kids have been to outdoor playgrounds, but indoor play spaces can have that “cool” factor, especially when children get to use their “outdoor” voice inside!
  • An indoor play area is an ideal spot for a party: Want to host a birthday party or any event for kids but don’t want to worry about entertainment or cleanup? Superior Play may just have the solution for you! Let kids play and have a blast in a space designed just for them.
  • Indoor play builds social skills: Indoor play spaces encourage kids to interact more closely, which can help even shy kids work on building friendships.
  • Indoor play gets kids moving: There are lots of options for kids to play and have fun, but our indoor kids’ playground spaces are unique. SuperPlayTime gets kids active and moving — without even realizing it, children can get physical.
  • Indoor playgrounds from Superior Play Systems® offer development advantages: Kids get to develop motor skills, coordination, balance, social skills and more. Our play equipment is designed to be enriching and offer benefits as well as fun.
  • Indoor playtime is a special treat or casual event: You can combine SuperPlayTime with a trip to a restaurant to make it a special event. Another option is to drop by when running errands to work off some energy. You can customize this experience for your kids and their needs, staying for just a few hoops or hours of fun.

    Bring Your Children to a Fun, Creative Indoor Playground Environment!

    Open playtime for kids. Just drop by open play when we are open and pay a nominal fee for all-day access to our playground equipment. Our all-day indoor playtime is a great spontaneous treat. Use our drop-in open play on rainy days or just on those days when the regular outdoor playground will not do.

Bounce On our Trampolines and Shoot Hoops all day long. At your local Superior Play, we have not just playground equipment but basketball hoops and a wide variety of trampoline designs setup and ready to test!

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