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In-Ground Basketball Hoops

Whether you’re the parent of a hopeful basketball star, a player in a casual league or someone who plays the game professionally, you know practice is the best way to improve a skill. Thankfully, when you’re practicing basketball, you’re also having fun!

A good home court setup can make practice exciting and effective for players of all ages. For some players, a wall-mounted or portable hoop allows for practice in a limited space. Other players, however, crave the high-performance quality of a permanent in-ground basketball goal.

At Superior Play Systems®, we know basketball. We’re passionate about providing families like yours with the best basketball goals and accessories so that they can play harder, practice safer and get even better at shooting hoops. If you’re considering an in-ground basketball goal for your family’s home court, we want to help. Read on to learn how an in-ground PROformance hoop can take your game to the next level.

The Many Benefits of In-Ground Hoops

PROformance Hoops PROview 554

In-ground basketball hoops, like those in the PROforce and PROview® series, come with many benefits for home practice and recreational play. They’re suitable for adults and kids, professionals and amateurs. When you get an in-ground basketball goal, your family and friends will be able to:

  • Play safely: Because in-ground hoops are secured directly to the ground, they’re more stable than wall-mounted or free-standing basketball hoops. PROformance designs their in-ground hoops with your safety in mind. These goals feature shatter-resistant tempered glass backboards, Hide-Away Nets with no sharp protrusions and Safety Breakaway Rims to prevent injuries.
  • Give it your all: You shouldn’t have to tone back your play style to suit your home basketball goal. With strong materials and quality designs, our in-ground goals withstand years of heated, competitive and aggressive play, so you can give every game your all!
  • Practice like pro: To provide the best play experience for professionals and growing athletes alike, we offer in-ground basketball hoops with NCAA and NBA regulation overhang. This build helps ensure safety and allows all players to practice like pros.
  • Enjoy years of matches: In-ground hoops provide families and teams with years of great play experience. These hoops are designed and built for long-term outdoor use, which means they’ll stand up to sun, rain and snow without losing their stability or lowering the quality of play. With a PROformance in-ground goal from The Most Trusted Name in Play®, you can feel confident that you’ll have plenty of years ahead to practice, enjoy casual matches and make memories with your family.

PROforce and PROview® Series In-Ground Basketball Hoops

The PROforce and PROview® series both include high-quality basketball hoops that can help you improve your game, whether you’re a serious athlete or just enjoy shooting hoops for fun or exercise. Both types of basketball hoops offer industry-leading lifetime warranties and sturdy components that can stand up to the elements. Free shipping is also included with both.

PROforce and PROview® series hoops all have:

  • Full aluminum backboard trim.
  • Black powder pole coating.
  • Clearview board arm designs.
  • Pier mount ground anchors with extra-large j-bolts and reinforced rebars.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware.
  • Two-spring heavy-duty breakaway rims.
  • Hide-away nets.
  • Free base pads and free preassembled backboard safety pads.

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between the series.


PROview® series basketball hoops all have full 1/2-inch tempered glass backboards while PROforce basketball hoops have 3/8-inch tempered glass backboards. If you want glass that can handle more, choose a PROview® hoop.


The PROview® models have seven-gauge poles with hot-dipped galvanized zinc undercoats, while PROforce hoops have 11-gauge poles with electroplated zinc undercoats. PROview® hoops have eight base gussets compared to four included in PROforce models. In addition, the pole pads on PROview® hoops are two inches, which is thicker compared to the one-inch pad on PROforce basketball hoops.

Height Adjustment

PROview® basketball hoops have Power Arc 90® Lift Assist dual-cylinder actuators, allowing you to adjust from 6 to 10 feet. PROforce hoops have 90-degree single-cylinder actuators, allowing for adjustment from 7.5 to 10 feet. The dual cylinder actuators in the PROview® models may allow for easier and faster height adjustments, which is something to consider if accessibility is a concern.

If you want a hoop for smaller players, PROview® basketball hoops adjust for smaller sizes. Both have strong poles, but PROview® hoops will handle heavier play as a higher gauge number means thinner steel. For example, a seven-gauge pole will be significantly thicker than an 11-gauge, making it ideal for long-term and heavy use. For many athletes, however, PROforce basketball hoops are more than robust enough.

Choose the Best Basketball Hoop for Your Needs

PROformance Hoops PROview 554

If you want the highest value and the sturdiest hoop for intense games, PROview® models are a good choice. However, PROforce hoops are also excellent and designed to last for years. Even your serious athlete will master their game and perfect their shots with a PROforce or PROview® hoop.

Sturdy Design and Professional Installation

When you’re choosing an in-ground basketball goal, you want to know that the hoop you select will perform well from the day of installation onward. PROformance hoops are designed to withstand the elements. With professional installation, these systems last and perform consistently for years of play.

Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the poles supporting our in-ground hoops are about 200 percent thicker than many other basketball goals on the market. This pole will be anchored to the ground using stainless steel hardware that features a self-repair Chromium Oxide film to ensure your basketball goal stays securely in place long after installation.

To provide the best possible performance of your basketball hoop, Superior Play Systems® will install it for you. We can help you determine whether an in-ground hoop is feasible for your property, and if it is, our professionals will set up everything properly so that you can skip the complicated hoop installation process and start having fun sooner.

With more than 20 years of experience and thousands of home courts installed, we can tackle many challenging projects without a problem. In fact, we’re so confident in our products and our team’s installation expertise that we offer the best warranties in the industry.

Hoop Features

At Superior Play, we’re serious about amazing game time, which is why we offer terrific features for your in-ground basketball hoops:

  • Tempered glass backboards: Tempered glass is the material used in car windshields. It’s about four times stronger than regular glass, so it can take a beating during the toughest games. In the unlikely event that it does break, it breaks into small pieces instead of shards, reducing the risk of cuts. Tempered glass is what the pros use, and it’s what we bring you for superior performance and safety. Our tempered glass backboards are further reinforced with an aluminum trim around the whole perimeter for added stability. These materials are the same as those used by NCAA and NBA teams.
  • Breakaway rims: When you slam a basketball into a hoop with a breakaway rim, the rim bounces back. The extra give will reduce the risk of injury and preserve the life of the backboard. After each shot, the rim will spring back into position, ready for the next shot.
  • Hideaway nets: These net systems do not have any protruding parts, reducing the risk of hand injury when you dunk.
  • Optional padding: Our in-ground basketball hoops will allow you to buy high-performance padding for the pole, base and other parts of the system, protecting your shins and body parts from collisions with metal.
  • Power Arc 90 lift assist height adjustment system: This industry-leading height adjustment system uses a dual cylinder to change the height of the hoop. The system uses ball bearings, a gear box, tension screws and internal springs for precise and simple height adjustment. You can stop mid-game and adjust the height of your system in seconds without breaking a sweat.
  • Stainless steel hardware: This hardware is corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant, so it can stand up to years of elements and heavy use while still looking new in virtually any climate and weather conditions. It also has a self-repairing coating to keep it performing well year after year.
  • All-steel poles: Our steel poles have walls 50% to 200% thicker than the rest of the industry, ensuring superior stability and safety as you play. Each pole is also subject to a multi-step process to make it rust- and corrosion-resistant. Heavy-gauge steel and welded gussets let these poles last and last.

Hoop Sizes

Choosing the right in-ground basketball goal size is important, and at Superior Play, we recognize that every player has different needs. We offer hoops in an array of sizes, including:

  • 54″: This medium-sized backboard is ideal for fun family play. It’s a flexible size and ideal for any setup where space is a consideration.
  • 60″: This generously sized backboard is a solid choice for any families with athletes. If your kids are trying out for teams or the adults want to stay in shape, you’ll find that this surface can take a beating.
  • 72”: When you want to go pro, remember that this is the regulation-size backboard used in the NCAA and NBA. It’s ideal for older players and serious athletes as well as anyone who wants that “professional game” feel.

Bring the Court Closer to Home With Superior Play Systems®

For basketball players of all ages, having a court close to home makes all the difference when it comes to practice and engagement. With a home basketball court, you and your kids can hone your basketball skills while spending active quality time together. Bring the excitement of the court right to your family home with an in-ground basketball hoop from Superior Play Systems®.

With sturdy designs, durable materials, safety features and a variety of sizes available from Superior Play Systems®, you’re sure to find an in-ground hoop that meets your family’s needs — whether you’re competing, practicing or playing for fun.

Choosing a new basketball hoop is an exciting time! We want to help you select the one that’s right for your family’s needs. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us — we’ll happily answer them. Browse our selection of PROformance in-ground basketball goals online or visit your local Superior Play Systems® store today.

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