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Incredible play value and affordability best describe this well built all natural cedar swing set. So much activity in this well thought out play set includes entry ladder, rock wall, “built in” picnic table, 3 position swing beam and a 10’ double wall wave slide!  All these features in a compact design allow flexibility in small areas.



SKU: SKU-262-311

Classic Fort

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Special Price: $2,199

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Includes: Heavy duty canopy roof, 10' wave slide, rockwall with climbing rope, step ladder, 3 position swing beam with 2 belt swings and 1 trapeze bar, picnic table, steering wheel and safety handles.

Footprint: L 15' x W 15'
Overall Height:  10.5'
Deck Size: 44" x 44"
Deck Height: 4' 10"
Slide Length: 10'
Swingbeam Height: 7.5'
Construction: Pacific Cedar

100% All Natural Premium Cedar (Splinters less than pine and North American timber.)
Only solid timber for unmatched structural integrity
.  (We never use glued timbers.)
Larger 4x6 Timbers (Bigger beams can hold more moms and dads!)
Vinyl Dipped Safety Swing Chains
(Protects fingers from pinching and insulates against extreme temperature.)
Rust Proofed Hardware
(Dupont Dacromet® and Galvanized are the best.) 
Manufacturer Playground One
Special Price $2,199
Product Size Space Saving
Deck Height Less than 5 Feet
Playset Features Picnic Table, Rockwall
Swingbeam Height 7 1/2 Feet
Slides 10 Foot
Deck Size Up to 25 Sq Feet
Unique Designs Unlevel Yard Solution
By Series Classic Series
heather w
happy kids 68 days ago
kids love the set. we really trust the stability. very nice company to deal with.
Guest Review
Guest Review 1836 days ago
I bought this for my 5yr old son. We love this playset, it has what we were looking for club house, swings, trapeze swing and a nice slide. Only thing was it took 2 days to put together. Instructions were ok , parts were labelled, but should have prepped everything in advance of starting.
Guest Review
Guest Review 2130 days ago
Shopped everywhere and found this fort to be the best value compared to rainbow play, creative play and various other online stores. Good warranty (rainbow was pro rated ), cedar (creative was chemically pressure treated) and big beams
Guest Review
Guest Review 2130 days ago
After 10 hours,it is almost set up.Just finishing rockwall, picnic table & a few minor things left to do.Should have paid company to install .Had 2 people working on it.My Grandchildren love it.Now Completed it was worth it,Looks Great !!!
Guest Review
Guest Review 2291 days ago
We have actually purchase two systems for our Grandkids. The Classic Fort was delivered to their house right after hurricane Sandy. It was cold outside but the Grandkids had to go outside and play on it. When they visit us, they always want to go outside and play on their play set. Can't think of a better gift for the young kids out there.
Guest Review
Guest Review 2355 days ago
We love our Play System! The quality is outstanding, the craftsmanship is like no other. I know we will have years of enjoyment from our system!
Guest Review
Guest Review 2619 days ago
My kids love it, and so do their friends!
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