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Rules for Playground Etiquette

Now that children are back to school and spending time on the playground at recess, it’s a great time to review playground manners. When children get together on the playground, conflict can happen. A few basics of playground etiquette to go over include the following:

Taking Turns at Recess

It can be hard for younger children to wait, especially if they’re excited about trying a new toy or a piece of playground equipment. Waiting for one’s turn is a basic idea important on the playground, though. Practice taking turns at home when it comes to snacks, activities, and playtime so your child has this mastered for the playground, too.

Sharing Toys on the Playground

It can be hard to share, especially when small ones want a toy to play with right now. Sharing is best learned early on. A child can learn to share with siblings or friends and can be taught how fun it is to see someone else playing.

Including Everyone in Games and Play

Inclusive playgrounds are an ideal place to learn about inclusion because children get to know children of all ability levels and ages. You may want to discuss how it feels to be excluded and how it feels to be included with your child. Then talk about different ways your children can include kids they see being excluded. Make sure your child can tell the difference between someone who is included and excluded, and they know what to do if they see someone being left out.

Saying Please and Thank You

Politeness always wins, even on the playground. Practice how to talk to others and how to be polite, no matter what the situation.

Showing Acts of Kindness

Kindness is a skill. Talk to your child about ways others have been kind to them and how that felt. Use this as a basis to talk about ways your child can pass on kindness to others. Be sure to set a good standard by being kind to yourself.

Resolving Conflicts Respectfully

Conflicts can happen when children play together, but teaching kids how to resolve disputes calmly and fairly can make a significant difference. Encourage children to use words to express how they feel and to listen to others.

Practicing Proper Playground Behavior

There are several ways you can try out playground etiquette with your children. One option is to play with your children on playgrounds, where they will meet other children and get to practice their social skills. You can also discuss etiquette and kindness with your children before school starts to make sure they understand the basic concepts. Acting out possible scenes from a playground so your child gets a chance to practice reacting helps kids test-run their social skills before they need to put them into use. Superior Play Systems has a number of inclusive playgrounds and playgrounds designed to promote social and emotional development. If you’re looking for playgrounds promoting childhood development, take a look at our innovative play solutions.
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